Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures of Nephews and A Neice

A LOT of pictures of a 3 month old, 4 month old and a 2 year old. Very cute and very much my family.

I really went a little nuts. I am learning how to use this editing program - although with all of these pictures I only did 3 or 4 things to them

Up first is my nephew Conner. He is Nathan (number 3 of 5 in my family (i'm number 4)) and Stephanie's first and only at the moment. These are very late seeing as I took them a month ago when I went to visit them in May. His hair is longer and more fuzzy and of course, he is getting cuter every day. He is such a happy content little boy - he loves to be laid on the floor so he can just flail his arms and legs around and talk and giggle. I hope I have a kid as happy as these!

I noticed these little toes the first day I saw him while he was home from the hospital. I think it's the cutest most funny thing I've ever seen on a baby. We couldn't figure out where he got them from or if it was normal or if he would have crooked toes his whole life. But, on a recent trip of Nathan and Steph back home to Washington Stephanie found in Nathan's baby pictures a picture of his feet and they looked exactly like this. And his toes are normally spaced today - so we now know they are from his daddy and he will grow out of them :) But for now... so stinkin cute.

My favorite part is the little piece of lint inbetween his right big toe and other pointer(?) toe. So dramatic
I couldn't resist. How could you not? Such a cute little baby bum peeking out from his diaper.
I love this profile picture. Such cute chubby cheeks.
So I did it in black and white as well

Chubby thighs! These are only this cute on babies :)

The many faces of Conner:Different picture in different finish

Neither parent has red hair - but somehow he has a tint of it. He was very distracted by my camera. But when I looked head on into the lens - so would I!

With his Mommy:
He's got the snarling down already! Or the Elvis Presley lip curl.
With me:
With his Daddy:
Same picture - black and white
Next up is Lucy (4 months). She is Kevin (2nd out of the 5 siblings in my family) and Lena's second, but first girl.
I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked of her. She is such a smiley happy girl. I would be talking to Lena and then look down at Lucy and she would just be grinning at me like she thought I was saying the funniest stuff. It was awfully cute. She smiles at everyone and anyone - such a fun disposition!
She was just grinning for me. I took a few pictures and she just posed. I wish I had had her under the shade so there wasn't a two tone thing going on. Someday, when I learn how to do black and white then leave something colored, I'll leave her pink flower colored and it will look awesome.
Her smile is so infectious! And she has this amazing hair that stands strait up. No matter what you do.

I love this picture because her mommy is looking at her. I think it's sweet.
Same picture - black and white
Now we have Isak (2 years old). Kevin and Lena's first and oldest. This boy is very very energetic. He has the most energy I've ever seen. He is such a sweetheart - he is constantly giving his little sister hugs and kisses and makes the "Ohhhh" sound as he does so :)

When we went to the pool he had his life jacket on and there was a large patio type ledge thing that was maybe a foot deep? He would throw himself into it and then scoot himself back till he found the steps down and just float there, drink some water, then get back up and do it all over again. It was very entertaining. He sure liked the pool water...... not a whole lot we could do to stop him :)

A day at the park with Isak:
I ran around chasing this boy throwing my camera in his face to try to get a smile. He is so shy that when he smiles he turns his head into his shoulder. And of course, you put the camera up and he get's even more blushy. Overall, I'm very happy with the pictures I got. I love all of the different colors with the tree's, water, and toys.

Such a little stud.
Don't think it matters how tough you think you are. You see the sippy and want to pinch his cheeks.
There is so much red and blue in this picture. It's so vibrant!
He got a wood chip in his shoe and dropped right to the ground to get it out. Then had me help him put his shoe back on.
This is probably my favorite picture. I was lucky to get it. His mom was turning a toy with marbles in it and he was fascinated.

I really like this one, too. I love the colors of the toys!
So of course I did one without the colors, because the boy is what is most cute :)
"Isak! Smile!"
This was a big water fountain thing with a huge spurting thing. I couldn't get too close for fear of the water and my camera, but he loved it. He's a water boy. He looks so much like his daddy.
Isak during a thunder storm:

There was a massive thunder and lightning storm in Boise while I was there. Isak and I were in the backyard when it started. The first thing we heard was the thunder. He would very loudly go, "OOOOOooooOooooOOO!!!" and point up and run out under the sky and start playing. I've NEVER seen a toddler so unafraid before. Then the lightning started and he was SMILING and laughing and wanted to play! The rain started and he couldn't figure out why I wanted to go inside. haha, I had to go inside and leave the door open. He was out playing and laughing for about 3 minutes then he came in. I did open the front door to show him the rain and a butterfly that was hiding on one of their pillars. He LOVED IT! As you can see from this picture.
He was truly happy and excited. It was awfully cute. I probably shouldn't have been such a scardy and took him out in it. But the rain was falling SO HARD!

Same picture in black and white

I spent over 2 hours editing these pictures. It was so much fun. A huge reason I did this was so both Lena and Steph can save these pictures to their computer from my blog. If not - let me know and I'll send you a disc. It was so much fun visiting them and playing with their kids. It really really makes me so excited about starting my own family. I can't wait to see what this little girl looks like and what type of personality she has. She will have so much fun with her cousins!

In two weeks I'm going to Michigan to visit my oldest brother, his wife and their two kids. They are expecting a little boy 6 weeks before us. And I'm very excited to take lots more pictures!! It's so much fun seeing what editing does to make the pictures look nicer. My favorite thing is the blending brush. Isak had fudgecicle all over his face in the above picture - it's gone! :D

I feel very fortunate to have such a big wonderful family. I'm adding grandchild number 7 to this big growing lot. My little girl will be the third girl against 4 boys. My little sister can take her time adding to the masses :) This is why I want a big family. I LOVE mine. It will take some convincing of Jaren to have 4 or 5, but I'm all for it. I love babies, I love children, I love to be surrounded by family. Just hope I don't have any hellians that will deter me from my large number. She/he can come last :)


Kristina P. said...

Those are some amazingly cute kids!

Love Lucy's hair!

Nana said...

You did a great job with those pictures Whit, and they are such cute cute kids!

Lena Gilbert said...

You did a great job! Thanks so much! What good practice so you can take super cute pics of your own baby!

Christa said...

They're all so cute. Lucy has amazing hair! They all do for that matter.

Jason said...

Nice job, Whit. We're so far away, so the internet is one of the only ways we can (kind of) watch these kids grow up!

rychelle said...

those little toes are adorable. ;)

The Rockin Hahns said...

Very cute pics. My kids both had hair like lucy's well, jonah still does. Its so soft and thin that nothing will keep it down. but good thing crazy hair is okay with kids when they have adorable faces to keep your attention.

Wendyburd1 said...

Those are such cute kids but I gotta say that Conner just from pictures has me wrapped around his chubby lil fingers! What a heartbreaker he will be!! I loved the profile pic and the toesies!! SO cute!! I see you with at least 4 I have to say, that is how many of us my Mom had and I can see you having 4 if not more!:) My sister Kate was a hellion yet there was STILL Sandy after her! LOL!

That Girl said...

Oh my WORD, those kids are completely edible. (In a non-scary way, of course ....)

Rowboat said...

such cute kids! I love little chubby kids and adorable little toes.

Michelle said...

i just realized that i haven't visited your blog in who knows how long!!!!!! you are one adorable pregnant lady!