Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babies Cost Lots of Money

I've been very good about not buying anything. Up until last week. But what are you supposed to do when you find out you are having a girl?! Or boy, I think I'd have spent just as much on a boy.

I refused to buy any clothes until I found out what I was having. I didn't want to buy girl clothes, then find out I was having a boy and just have them sit and take up space in the closet till we finally had a girl, or the other way around which would be the case now.

This has been my baby stuff purchasing journey so far:

October 2008
My mom came over to Rexburg for Mothers week and took me and my Sister in Law Stephanie to J.C. Penny's to get her some stuff since she had just found out she was having a boy. While there my mom said, "Whitney, you get to pick out a boy and girl outfit, too!" I was so excited. But sad, too, because this was while I was crying almost daily because I wanted a kid so bad and Jaren wasn't ready. I put the outfits in a bag and shoved them in the bottom of my closet. I pulled them out after I found out I wasn't pregnant in January - BIG MISTAKE. I cried and cried and cried and cried some more. So I haven't touched them until just a few days ago. I found just bunch of onsies that I liked the colors of for the boy. But went a little crazy for the girl.
Here is the girl outfit. Long sleeved onsie (she will be wearing this during the winter) with super cute jean dress! I couldn't stop there, I bought tights and socks. Well, my mom bought them. Thanks mom! You technically bought her her first outfit! Wait a second.. I bought a little dress last summer and handed it to Vic for Claire to wear since she fit into it then. So... you bought the second one! Thanks mommy!

June 2009

This is what I came back from Boise with. The blue plaid dress is the first thing I bought the day I found out what I was having. I got it at Target. It's 18 months.. so two years from this summer she can wear it! I love all of these.

These are my buying conditions: nothing under 6 months (because I figure that's what you will get at a baby shower) and nothing that I absolutly don't adore. That should weed out the justs "that's cute!" as opposed to the, "Oh my, that is beautiful!" My favorite thing here? Ummm.. between the brown skirt and the white onsie with super cute sleeves!! And I also love the sliver/grey dress with a hood. The brown onsie is 24 months! So weird to look at that and picture a little girl waddling around in it....
Here is a close up of the beautifulness of the skirt that I love. I really like things that are girly but not super pink and frills girly. More classy girly? Is that how to describe it? So I love this skirt and how it's brown striped and has that little detail of toole and sparkly thread. Next summer she'll be crawling around in this!

Here is the reason I love this one. The sleeves are beautiful. I think it would be so cute with a jean skirt or pants. Can you tell I love details? Again, this is frilly girly, but without the frills. I really hope I am making sense.

This is a close up of the grey dress. I love the color. How it's not just grey, it's sparkly. And the sleeves and dress isn't flat. I'm no good and describing things... I don't how else to explain it. And the little bits of pink - love that.

Here is the outfit that cost me 45 bucks. That's right... a dress, hat and shoes. I died when I saw it. How could I not?! I vowed this was the only thing that I would spend that much on and justified it by saying it was because I just found out it was a girl. And I loved it. And it's not a onsie, so if she doesn't get too round around the middle and neck she might be able to pull that off for longer than the 6-9 months. It could be a shirt with a pair of jeans (Jaren suggested that :) so proud!) And the shoes! They match, and can be worn with more than just this. And the hat! That matches too and can also be worn with more than just this.
Here is the dress by itself. Uhhh, I love tutu's. So girly, but the kind of girly I like and it's such a beautiful tutu!
The fabric under the tutu layer toole, thing. It's the same as the hat and bow in the above picture. I love it. LOVE. IT.
Onto the next dilemma. A stroller. Now, what I want is something that I can maneuver around a crowd of people easily, but also something that I can go jog with. I'm going to buy an infant car seat and an adapter for whatever I buy. I want something that will last for more than one or two or three or four kids. I do realize I might have to get a double with two, but I don't have to worry about that yet.

So, here is my first option. A B.O.B. I like it because it has the same name as my Dad. That's the whole reason I'm buying it. Kidding. I'm kidding. But really, my dad's name is Bob. What I like about this? Cheaper than my other option. Nice shocks and amazing reviews. Great maneuverability.
Second option: Baby Jogger. The store I went to called this the Cadillac of strollers. Can't argue with that. But it's another 50-60 bucks more than the BOB. I like the color better. Also, this has an adjustable handle which is great since I'm not even 5'4" and Jaren is 6'. I love all the view flaps that have magnets to hold them open. And closing this thing? AMAZING. Right where the harness is is a handle. You grab that and pull and wall-la! Folded stroller. The BOB has two things you have to do. You need both hands, you pinch two levers on each side of the handle and then behind the seat is a handle like that of the baby jogger's and you pull then it's folded. Both steer great. And both front wheels lock so you can go strait which is what you want for jogging. Oh, AND, where the kids legs fall on the Baby Jogger, that raises up and gives you access to the storage basket and can raise your kids legs if they want when you recline them so they can sleep.

Both of these are great and the price difference... well, it will help with the decision, but if I absolutly love the Baby Jogger then that wont stop me. I'm just having a hard time deciding. I'm reading wonderful reviews with both. The only thing that is pulling be more towards the BOB is that it is a more rugged stroller. And I live in the country and will be taking jogs on dirty roads. I might need the suspension and larger wheels it offers. And the price difference helps. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Advice? (Victoria, I know you just got a Bob... tell me all about it!)

Onto the most amazing wonderful find. While in Boise Lena took me to a baby botique so I could look at all of their strollers. Babies R Us didn't have the particular stroller I had been researching online. I still really like it, but it's too expensive, and you have to buy a car seat seperate and their car seats ONLY work with their strollers and vice versa. So, no option to buy a cheaper carseat even if I wanted that stroller. And, it isn't made to be jogged with. So I dismissed that right away and moved onto these two that I can't decide between.

But while we were there I walked past a crib with a beautiful bedding set. I looked and said, "WOW, that is beautiful!" Stared for a minute, then went and looked at everything else I was there to see. Then Lena and I walked around the store and looked at everything else. Oh, so beautiful. And so pricey! But I kept coming back to this bedding set. It's so pretty. I love everything about it. I started the drive home struggling. Thinking about it and imagining it and going over the pro's and con's. The only con? It's more expensive than we had bargained for for a crib set. I called my sister in law, Vicki and she looked at it and said what I knew and needed to hear. That it's beautiful and wonderful and that I should do it. And that we could make a lot of stuff to match it for the room.

I came home and talked to Jaren about it. Showed it to him, but he is a boy. And took my word for it. He said I can! I'm so excited. SO EXCITED. It will be used for every girl and the wall color will be a brown so it will be easy to change when we have a boy. This is the only thing I'm getting that is gender specific. Bedding. Everything else; carseat, bouncer, swing and high chair will be good for both boy and girl. When we have a boy the only thing we will need to buy is bedding and some clothes.

Well... feast your eyes. It's so beautiful! I just stare and stare. I go to the website and just sit there with it on. I'm on the hunt for the cheapest set. I've found it for 50 bucks cheaper than the store in Boise so that is comforting so far. But I'd like to find it for 100 bucks cheaper. We'll see.

Really, this picture doesn't do the details justice. It's absolutly amazing. Stunning.

I look at stuff all day! If anyone has any advice on anything baby, go ahead and give it. Things you wish you had known. Things you wish you had, things you wish you hadn't bought becuase you could go without. But also let me know what you think of all this stuff!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

All I have to say is Buy a bouncer, it will save your life!!! Cambree lived in her bouncer, and it vibrated!!! It was so nice because I could put her in and put her in the bathroom with me while I showered, pretty much you can move it to wherever you want. plus she was a SUPER SUPER CRANKY baby so I even took that thing to enrichment and picnics in the park, it was a life save for me!!

Also start her on a bottle like when she is 2 weeks, or she won't ever take one and you will be attached to her every two hours, or an hour if she is anything like cambree. don't let the rexburg hospital tell you they will get nipple confusion, just don't listen to it, ha!!!

all of your stuff is super fun!! It is really funny to read this post because I was totally the same way, but bought stuff before we actually saw it was a girl...because we pretty much already knew Cambree was a girl. now i am having baby #2 and we know it is a boy and I have not bought ONE boy outfit....EEEKS! i haven't even bought anything....he might be dressed in pink!!!

oh one more thing that saved us too was buy a box a diapers everytime you go to walmart or whatever store you buy them at. it was so nice when Cambree was born and we had like 4 months of diapers already. I never bought newborn ones, we just bought a few ones and then more two's then ones and so on. plus if you don't open them you can take them back. because you don't realize how much you will be buying diapers until you have to!!

Lena Gilbert said...

Ahh I love all the little clothes..and such great deals too! I don't remember that bedding as well..at least the yellow I don't remember but its very cute. girls are so dangerous..but fun.

Wendyburd1 said...

Where did you get the dress, I LOVE it??!!
I was gonna say that I liked the BOB's bigger wheels, seems more solid.

So this set, is it just furniture or the bedding in the pic too? And what furniture does it include?

Anonymous said...

I would wait to buy more clothes later. You will get mostly clothes at your showers. So save your money for the big things. As for the BOB stroller, my friend has a double BOB (I think she also has a single one too) but she loves it. And I've puched it also and it's is nice. I would go for that. I am going to get a double one when I have another kid. The only bad thing about the double bob's (which you won't have to worry about until later) is the face that you can't really go shopping with them. Anyways. I loved the swing. Wyatt lived in that for a few months. I didn't have a bouncer, but with I did.

andrea. said...

your baby posts are cracking me up!! i love all the girl clothes you have bought...so, so CUTE!

as for baby gear...a jogging stroller is definitely a must-have. i actually don't have one but wish i did! and i have heard that bob strollers are awesome.

i did not buy much for my baby and took a TON back from my shower. there is a lot out there that you really don't need. some great that i feel are necessary are...a bouncer, music [i prefer brainy baby], a bumbo, a tub and a sling. i really think that is all i had!

let me know if you need any other advice. i've got plenty! but remember what worked for someone does not mean that it will work for you...just a word of advice.

Ben and Jamie Stott said...

CONGRATS!!! Oh my goodness you make me so baby hungry!!! The clothes are so cute! I just started laughing at the previous post because, like you, when I get nervous I get fidgity and can't shut my trap, while Ben sits and ponders. Ben came out to see what was so funny, and he was like "Hey, when you go crazy, you can just call Whit, she'll understand!" *rolls eyes* Anyway, just wanted to let you in on my crazy hubby's antics and tell you how excited I am for you! Miss you!

Michaela Spence said...

What cute clothes! I am having such a hard time putting off buying stuff for my little guy, but I guess living on the Jersey Shore for the summer is kind of helping me - kind of. There is a baby store just right underneath our apartments here, that has all the nice strollers. I love love the baby jogger city elite one! It has so many extras that you have to purchase separate with the BOB. And I love all the magnetic flaps! The BOB is nice though. Tons of moms have them out here who go jogging on the boardwalk. It's a great stroller if your a jogger! You can push it with one finger! lol. I'm not a runner at all, so I think we're going to end up going with the city mini for a single stroller, then get a little better for the double, since I'll use that more than the single.

Michaela Spence said...

What cute clothes! I am having such a hard time putting off buying stuff for my little guy, but I guess living on the Jersey Shore for the summer is kind of helping me - kind of. There is a baby store just right underneath our apartments here, that has all the nice strollers. I love love the baby jogger city elite one! It has so many extras that you have to purchase separate with the BOB. And I love all the magnetic flaps! The BOB is nice though. Tons of moms have them out here who go jogging on the boardwalk. It's a great stroller if your a jogger! You can push it with one finger! lol. I'm not a runner at all, so I think we're going to end up going with the city mini for a single stroller, then get a little better for the double, since I'll use that more than the single.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell what color choices you want for the beaded socks!

Whitney R said...

what great responses! So helpful.

Tiffany - while I was at my SIL's I carried my niece around in the bouncer while I did stuff. It was then I decided I have to have one! And I just told Jaren yesterday that every trip to Sams I take from now on will involve a diaper purchase to help build the stores. He's all for it. Buy some boy clothes!! :)

Lena - oh man, it's all I can think about.

Wendy - just the bedding set, not the furniture. Although, I do like the furniture. If I can swing it, I might get the mobile and possibly one other thing. The entire room would be way too much money! yikes. And I bought the dress at Babies R Us. It's bound to still be there. So stinkin cute. Your new niece would love it!

Capri - thanks! I'm looking at a swing who's seat detaches and is a bouncer. Just trying to find out if it will be good enough. That's why most of the stuff I'm buying is a year or more. Baby showers shower you with 0-6 months clothes.

Andrea - thanks for the advice :) And yay for jogging strollers! If I need a smaller one, I'll just go buy a 25 dollar little one that will be easy to haul around and if I lose it, I don't think I'd be too heart broken.

Jamie - your so funny! Yeah, I've explained to Jaren many, MANY times that girls need to talk. And mostly I'm fine with him just listening, but sometimes he needs to talk WITH me. That was one of those moments. :) Let Ben know when you need him to help distract you.

Michaela! I'm so excited someone else has seen the Baby Jogger stroller and thinks it's amazing, too! The price difference isn't too outrageous and I love it. The BOB is more popular so I'm getting more responses about that. But I'm glad I'm not the only one who is lusting. :)

Whitney R said...

Aunt Lori! I like all colors. Pink and purple, green and blue - I think those were the ones we had? And browns and clears. I can coordinate with any outfit :D

Joe and Ashley said...

Cute clothes! Congrats I can't wait to hear her name

Jo said...

You are so cute! Getting all ready for the baby. I must say, you have GREAT taste, I love all of it!

Dax and Jen said...

I'm sure either stroller will be great, but I have a baby jogger q series, so it has the bigger wheels you are looking for, but still the EASY fold up, which is as fabulous as it sounds. My friend has a BOB and the front wheel that is supposed to lock sometimes comes loose while we run...it is a little scary. Good luck with it all.

Life as Ashley said...


The bedding is to DIE FOR! I love it! And I hope this doesn't ruin anything for you, but I even like it for a boy too. If I would have seen that when I was looking for Kaeden's bedding, I would have gotten it hands down. Instead I just made my own which is fairly similar to what you've got there. BEAUTIFUL stuff!

The clothes are so adorable. Don't go overboard though because it will depress you how quickly they will grow out of an outfit. :) I still try to squeeze Kade into some 3-6 month stuff. Partly because it's such cute clothing, and partly because I wish he still were that size. :(

As for the stroller thing...I'm not much help. I got one of the Graco sets. It's been good, but if I could do it all over again, I would have done what you are doing.

Hope you are enjoying all this!

Sara Ann said...

How fun! I love the bedding:) So pretty! We bought a stroller this weekend, just a normal Graco one, I love it, it is so fun to start buying stuff, I wish I could have a shower now so I could just sit and look at all of the pretty clothes all day:)

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I love the clothes! You are way more prepared already than I ever was. I realized I have made it through my girls without a lot of the stuff they say you need, but I am kind of cheap and a minimalist. There are tons of stuff people say you need, but it ends up sitting in your house never getting used (well, at least for me it does). Make sure you have nail clippers, a snot sucker, pacifiers (if your baby will take one... mine didn't), gas drops, and some sleep :)

Rowboat said...

holy smokes! and i thought weddings were expensive. good luck lady!

ramsam said...

That little one will be the cutest dressed gal anywhere! And that nursery stuff is so amazing- I want it for me!
One tip- check Overstock.com. I got a beautiful duvet cover and shams for *cheap* and they do $2.95 shipping a lot (sign up for the e-mails if you don't already) and then just watch!!!! When the item shows up you'll be ready!

Anonymous said...


Must haves- bouncy seat, cradle swing [they hold a lot more weight than open-top swings] and a Boppy pillow. Everything else you just buy as you go along and figure out what you will actually use. As for the stroller, I would go with the Baby Jogger. I am not a jogger person and I was actually debating buying that particular one because it is nice and compact but all-terrain. The Bob just seems too rugged for an everyday stroller? Good Luck and just ask if you have any other questions!!

ps. You don't have to give your baby a bottle at two weeks if you don't want to. She will take a bottle eventually, trust me. Every baby is completely different.

Victoria Gilbert said...

I had a 2 year wardrobe for Claire before she arrived!! That doesn't stop me from still buying things I can't resist when i find them now though! Actually, I have something sized 6 that I couldn't resist buying when Claire was only 2 months old, and only paid 2 bucks for at a thrift store, but I tried it on Josh when he was 3 (much to his dismay), and I'm convinced it can be worn by a 2 or 3 year old as a long dress, and as a shorter one for an older child. YAY girl clothes are so much fun!! I love the tutu... you know me, I'm a succor for them. I also think that gray dress is really sweet!! I'm all about the details too... God is in the details! I feel like I've seen that brown skirt before with the little tulle trim detail... why didn't I buy it? haha Probably saw it on another kid. I'm so glad you're getting the bedding! Yay it's so beautiful! We can try to make some artwork for the room when you're here :) It's so pretty. Good luck with the stroller purchase decision! Babies get pricey... you really should check out joggingstroller.com too. They have lots of cool ones, and free shipping. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

What brand is that baby bedding?