Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh Summer Where Art Thou?

It is now the 7th of June and today had a high of 50 degree's. It's a bit sad, but I wouldn't want it to be in the 90's either. But I'll take 70's to 80's!! Rexburg apparently hasn't taken notice that winter is OVER! I haven't posted in a while, so I have a few stories.This lovely little bamboo is my plant, Farkler. That's right, I named him because I have no offspring to name, I name my plants. This is Farklers story; In April I went to Porters (those who have lived in Rexburg will know how wonderful Porters Craft and Frame is) with my friend Celeste. Our intent was to look around and maybe find her a fish. Well, by the beta fish there were all these different types of bamboo plants. I have wanted a plant to put in my house for a while now and thought the braided bamboo would be perfect! Well, at the same time Celeste thought the blue beta would be perfect for her house. So, we went to the register to pay and we were trying to think of a name for her fish. On the wall by the register where all the trinkets, candy and games are there was a dice game (I think.. not cards, it was dice.. yeah) named Farkler. Well, I laughed out loud and said something like, "Farkler?! Who comes up with a name like that! Sounds too close to another name that people might take offense to!" So, I had the bright idea to name Celeste's fish Farkler. She didn't go for it so I decided I'd name my plant Farkler; it is much too good of a name to pass up. So... there he sits, on our tv console (even though our tv isn't even on it), making me some O2 and providing some lush greenery for me to look at. Also, if you'll notice the beautiful runner he sits on, I bought that today at a craft fair and am rather proud of myself cause Jaren loves it!
Here is my next story. There are three things on this shelf I could tell a story about... but I only intend to tell one. Although, I do loooove my "Home" thingy. On the right there you'll notice a totem of animals. When Jaren and I were engaged I told him for our honeymoon I wanted to go on an African Safari. Well, Jaren is a scardy and didn't want to get eaten by Lions. So... instead we went to Disney Land and he told me he would take me to the San Diego Zoo. We didn't end up making it to the Zoo, so I wont stop bugging him about a safari till he takes me. I want to see a real elephant and I'm so fascinated by Zebra's and a hippo! Ooo I'd love to see a hippo. So, I was at a mini Bazaar today and I found this. This is my African Safari Totem and I love it.
These, also, came from the Mini Bazaar. I am decorating and painting one of my bedrooms downstairs. I'm rather excited about it. I'm not going to squeal on the theme and give away my secrets but, green paint and these pictures are involved!
Here comes the clincher. I am playing competitive fast-pitch softball. I have been playing every summer since I started going to school at BYU-Idaho. This is my fourth and last year playing. It's rather sad, but I'm excited because my team is awesome! I play both shortstop and outfield. Yesterday there was a massive wind storm. We had a severe weather alert and winds were raging up to 50 mph. I was sitting in my house hearing it blow up against the house hoping that it wouldn't huff and puff and blow my house made out of half brick and concrete and half wood down. I sat there seriously, the whole time up until 3:45 (when I had to leave my house to get to the fields by 4) thinking our game would be canceled. I was texting one of my coaches for an hour and a half asking if the game would be canceled. Well, it wasn't and I had to get dressed and go to the field. It was horrible. I got there and I was watching our out fielders trying to throw the ball against the wind and it wasn't even making it to the baseline. It was crazy-looking; the ball would just hover and then drop. How are we gonna play in this! Our outfield can't even get the ball into the infield! Which means, also that all a better needs to do is tap the ball and they get a home run. So, the game started and I had to stand at shortstop slanted into the wind so as to not get blown over. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, we all played well and we won both of our games. Oh, we played a double header. Our first game was 13-6 and our second was 7-3. During the first game I slid into second base and got this cherry on my knee. Well, it wouldn't be so bad except that every time I bend my knee it opens and doesn't feel so good. Well, I couldn't get a good picture of it. The flash kept making it white and I have no idea how to turn my flash off, haha. These are the best 2 pictures.

At the end of May I went to Boise to see Isak on his first birthday. He was a happy cute little boy who walked and talked everywhere. He was a lot of fun to be around and I wish they lived closer so I could play with him more. Oh, and you too Lena ;) I also went to my best friends wedding in Washington the next day. It was beautiful and I'm so happy for Chelsi. She deserves all the happiness she wants. It was 19 hours of driving in 3 days. I was sure happy when I got home.

School is kicking my trash and I am very excited for my 7 week break in between this semester and next. The end is in sight; only 2 more semesters after this one. I'm just stumbling through this semester. It's taking it's toll and I need a break but I only have a month left. Jaren is very patient with my whining and softball is wonderful. It gives me a break a few times a week and I really need it. I've been wanting to start running every day for the last 2 weeks, but everytime I come home from class and want to it's blowing 20 mph or raining cats and dogs. It's always beautiful at 7 in the morning so... I am making a new goal of getting out in the morning to do it cause I've put on a few pounds in the last 2 months. Isn't summer supposed to thin you up? Not for Whitney, I guess. We bought a bowflex, it's been Jaren's dream to have one since he was 12 years old. He has been using it 3-4 times a week every week and he feels great. I need to use it too! So.. those things are kinda the most exciting things in my life right now. Enjoy! We love you all!

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Jake & Victoria Elder said...

50's? I am in the 90's here with a chance of tornados & flash floods (seriously) ahhh! can you believe that? So I totally LOVE bamboo so pretty, and your boo boo looks like it burns!! your nephew is adorable!