Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Story

I have a few blogs that I posted on my myspace over the last few years. I don't know why I thought it, but I thought that I wanted to copy and paste my blog I posted the day after Jaren asked me to marry him. This was posted December 15, 2006. I apologize for the purple background I didn't know how to get it to go away. I added 2 pictures from our wedding, even though we are an "old married couple" now. It was 14 months Friday, on Vicki's birthday! I was reading my comments that people posted at the end and Lindsey said this,

"ummmm whit i think you spelt your future last name wrong.... you might wanna work on that one lol well yeah i am very excited to see you at christmas and i'm happy you finally know what love feels like and that your happy!!! i love you tons!!"

So, I started looking (I don't know why my font is different) to see what she meant. Well, I guess I was super excited or tired of typing, I oopsed my future last name! haha, at the very end of the post. See if you can catch it. It made me giggle. Oh, and the post was titled "Our Story" I have a few other posts I think might be funny, I might post them sometime cause my life now isn't as "eventful" as it once was.

This is the condensed version.. even though it's mad long. Enjoy!

I often look back at events and people in my life and see how it got me to where I am today. I am one happy camper today. I found the love of my life through the thick of it all that we call life. It wasn't easy, and I want to say quite a bit harder for him then for me, I put this boy through the ringer; he deserves everything he gets. And I hope I can always give him the best.

This is our story and a little bit of an update on my life :)

It started back in March of this year (2006) when I was working as a waitress at a small 50's Diner in Rexburg, Idaho. I was going to school full time and working part time. I believe it was the 17th of March to be exact when I waited on two young men that ordered just milk shakes. One had Vanilla and one had Chocolate. I made a little fun at how plain the both of them were in their choice. I guess that sparked Vanilla boy's interest. Then when I came back to see who was going to pay, Vanilla Boy let me know that he was picking up the bill. "Ohh big spender pickin up your friends milk shake." :) Apparently not many people make fun of Vanilla boy... and for some odd reason, he likes it ;) When he came to pay, he asked for my number, so I gave it to him thinking he was cute, why not. Found out that Vanilla Boy's real name was Jaren. Jaren left the restraunt then comes runnin back a minute later and asked what I was doin the next night, "My mom is in town..." I had already let him know that, so he left feelin a little sheepish. What is funny, is all at the same time all of this was happening, there was a boy I had been dating a little in their eating with his family, and there was an old friend that wanted to get reacquainted that asked for my number as well.

The next weekend he took me on a fun date, we went out to a place I had never eaten at before and went go cart racing; something I had never done before. A few weeks later the other guy I had been dating ended, it all fell through. And I really didn't want the other guy to call me, so I screened his calls.... :D We found out Jaren and I shared the same Chemistry class, so we went out weekends and studied during t he week. Everything was great except that this boy, Jaren, wasn't the most spunky of them all. It bothered me a little, because anyone who knows me knows that I need someone who can keep up with me, and put up with me because I'm a little crazy sometimes. But he intrigued me; he was a gentlemen, nice, opened the door for me, it was never a question of who paid or not. He was a local, born and raised just a few miles outside of Rexburg, Idaho. He knew fun things to do and we always did them. He was smart and a farm boy, which struck a small nerve, I'm a farm girl and always said, I'll marry a farm boy, but in no way will I marry a Farmer. He was all of these great things except that he wasn't spunky enough. So....

A month and a half goes by and it's time for Lindsy Mollotte and I to go on our patiently awaited cruise. We leave, I left Jaren behind with a hug and a "I'll see you in 10 days!" Keep in mind, I'm a bit uptight, I only hugged him, didn't even let him hold my hand. So, off we go, and here's where I met a fun, spunky, good looking man on the cruise living in Provo, Utahwho knows some of my friends from back home. We hit it off fast and I decided I liked him enough after some rough contemplating for the next week off the cruise and back in Rexburg. I spent the next week trying to figure out how I was going to tell Jaren that there was someone else that I liked. Finally I called him, walked over to his appartment, he met me outside and I told him. The boy's not daft, he knew something was up right away and he was so nice about it all. Told me he wanted to be my friend and wanted me to be happy. No bitterness (that I know of) and no anger, no mean words, just a hug when I about started to cry cause I felt so bad and a, "I'll back off, but I am still going to bug you from time to time."

Two months go by, and things progressed with Provo boy fast. Went strait up only to come to a harsh fall quick. He came every weekend for 7 weeks and that's a 4 hour drive up and 4 hour drive back. It wore on the boy, and he broke up with me. I had seen Jaren twice since I told him about my cruise boy. He would text me every so often and see how I was doing. Fathers day, Cruise boy broke up with me and I took it very hard. As crazy as it was, Jaren just happened to show up that night, he just held me as I cried. For the next month I went through the toughest break up I had gone through, and Jaren was my shoulder to lean on, he took me to go do things as often as we could just to get my mind off of things. We became friends on a completely different level. In the course of dating cruise boy, I changed my life around, decided I was going to go to nursing school in Provo so we could be together, I took classes so I could get done and move as soon as possible. Bought a housing contract to live with my best friend, Chelsi, starting August 27th, and I had made up my mind; I'm leaving Rexburg forever and moving to Provo to live with my best friend and start a new life. Little did I know what the future wouldhold.

I knew that I had started having feelings for Jaren again in July. The first time I was tempted to hold his hand, we were at a drive in watching Pirates of the Carribean 2. I brushed it aside thinking, 'I'm moving, I'm leaving, I can't get into this, I don't want to deal with breaking up again.' So, I fought those feelings for the next month. On my birthday I was in Park City, Utah. I realized I really liked him when I wanted so badly to be with him that day. I knew he would make me feel special on that day and I wanted it to be him that did it. I was having an amazing time with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew but I had this nagging like I needed to be with him. So, I left at about 6 that night and drove 4 hours on my birthday, got back to Rexburg with an hour left of July 31st and spent it with him.

A little over a week later we had our serious talk that I had been avoiding for about 2 weeks. I stressed my worries about moving and hurting again and long distance and I didn't know what to do. That I didn't want to hurt him. He just held me and told me that I wouldn't hurt him, no matter what, he was going to be happy for me with whatever came. He would hate to never know what could have happend if we never tried. So,that night I held his hand for the first time, the next night we had our first kiss. We were together every day, and had been like that for the last month and then up untill the day I moved. I spent 6 weeks in Washington working during harvest to make some money. During that time, We talked every day and he drove the 9 hours to see me 3 weeks into it. I realized how much I had missed him when he showed up. On Monday, September 18th we had a relationship changing event. We went from, a dating couple, to boyfriend/girlfriend. We were on my tractor all day and that entire day he made me laugh like he'd never done before, and he was goofy and funny and spunky and everything I wanted. We were both such dorks we fit perfectly. Needless to say, I shed a few tears when he drove the 9 hours back to Rexburg. I spent the rest of my time in Washington missing him,wondering what would become of us, and playing the question game on the phone with him. Let me just say that I started to fall in love with him and didn't even really know it. Our guards were both down and our relationship grew stronger. He flew out in October just so that I wouldn't have to drive by myself to Rexburg. We made the 9 hour drive, and 2 days later I drove 4 hours to Provo wondering..... ' What is going to happen? I'm 4 hours away and back near cruise boy." Honestly I was a little nervous. Jaren had taken the semester off of school for work, and greatfully, it proved to be a blessing.

I realized I loved him in Seattle the day before we drove to Rexburg, but didn't say anything. I waited another 2 weeks till we went to Vegas with one of his friends and told him there, outside of the hotel with the rollercoaster... I'm drawing a blank on the name... He had been waiting to tell me that he loved me till I was ready to tell him. I'm so glad he did that, it made it not akward ever and put the ball in my court. I found out that I may have realized I had been in love with him for the last 3 weeks, but he knew since July. So... For the 2 months that I have been in Provo, he has not failed once to drive the 8 hours and see me every week. With the exception of Thanksgiving when I drove to Rexburg to spend it with his family and mine (they made a drive to spend it with us, there since 2 of my brothers are there now). I decided then and there that I couldn't live without this boy. I would never find someone anywhere close to how perfect and amazing he is. No one is as patient and would do anything for me. Just wants me to be happy and has never ONCE been in an argument with me. Has never once been mean or rude. Has always every time we get into a car, opened the door for me and always always makes sure I am feeling alright. Has nursed both me and my best friend when we were both bed ridden with food poisoning. Has done everything on my time frame and hasn't asked for one thing. He's perfect for me and I don't know how it took me so long to see, but honestly, I'm glad it did. Because of that we have such a strong friendship that has made our relationship amazing. My family loves him, always has, he hangs with my brothers in Rexburg even without me there. I love him with everything in me and want nothing more then to make him the happiest man on earth.


Once I had decided that I wanted to marry him, I put the pressure on. I had already shown him the one ring I ever wanted. He didn't bat an eye and made it happen. I told him I wanted that ring on my finger before Christmas and preferrably before I left Utah for Washington for Christmas. He's amazing. I have found mall jewelers suck, they will rip you off any chance they can. He found someone that had my ring custom made and put the most beautiful rock I've ever seen in it. They rushed and had it done in less then 2 weeks. All the while a goldsmith in New York was making my ring for my finger. Last night while we were walking around the Salk Lake Temple square with all of the Christmas lights and the beauty of the temple itself he pulled me to a quiet corner. There were tons of kids and people running around everywhere. And I couldn't stop staring at the temple that I knew we would be married in. At 8:18 p.m. (I know the time because Chelsi texted me as he was putting the ring on my finger) he let me know how he cared for me, and wanted to spend the rest of this life and the next with me. Got down on bended knee and asked me to be his wife. The second he was on his knee I was crying so bad I couldn't see anything. Infact I was freaking out so bad I didn't even say yes.. Haha, I said yeah... yes.. Ok yes! :) The ring is perfect, he is perfect, I can't stop staring and I can't stop marvelling at how I am the luckiest girl ever. (I'm sure every girl in love things the same thing, but.... really, he fought the battle and came out triumphant) He showed me he loved me and was willing to wait, and put up with anything I threw at him if it meant that he could have me forever. He makes me feel important like no one else has. I can't wait... April 6th, 2007 at 12:20 p.m. in the Salt Lake Temple, we will be sealed forever.

I'm moving back to Rexburg, the place I had thought I would never return again, and never ever would have wanted to live the rest of my life. But, it's with him, and I will go anywhere. He's changed my mind, he's a Potato farmer and I said I'd never marry a farmer or live in Idaho. Well, I'm doing both of those things and I am so glad I have my farm boy that knows how to work and take care of me. I'm going back to school 10 days after we are married. Oh.. And I need addresses for wedding invites :D So, send me a message with your address if you would like one. I'm the happiest girl ever!!!!!! I'M ENGAGED!

Love Love Love Love!!!


Future Mrs. Rayboud.


Jake & Victoria Elder said...
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Jake & Victoria Elder said...

I am so glad you decided to dedicate a post to your one true love! What a wonderful story! I am happy you shared this! Sounds like Jaren knows what his girl wants & gets it to her asap!

Nathan & Paloma said...

WOW. that is such an amazing story!! I actually knew i was in love with Nathan while we were in Seattle too!! I was like 16 but thats another story ha ha.

Gosh you and Jaren are so cute! I kinda teared up at a few parts partly because i am such a sap and It made me think of Nathan and me.
I'm so glad you shared your story. :)
Good luck in school! You're so close!

Ann Marie said...

Whit, that sounds like it could be a movie or something! I'm glad that things worked out so wonderfully for you and that you are so happy! I'm looking forward to the day when I can write a blog like that :) but I love my life right now! Whats meant to be will be! That is my motto at the moment! Anywho glad you found your happily ever after!! :)

Julie Anne said...

Oh life. I love the misspelled last name hahaaha

Rowboat said...

this so adorable whitney!