Friday, June 13, 2008

June Brings Such Wonderful Things

I wanted to show a little bit of how crazy the weather has been. Granted, a lot of you already know, but it gives me something to blog about since I have no children. (hint hint Jaren!) And I like posting things even though they are a bit silly.

If you can't hear me, this is 40 mph wind on Tuesday this week. Monday was the same, but not as bad and it was maybe, 55 degree's? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't remember. And I don't have a pretty flower garden planted because I've been much too busy and the weather has been horrendous. But my lilacs are trying to survive the elements!

Here is Wednesday, and believe it or not, that morning it snowed. I can't believe it, JUNE! Not even just June, the middle of June. (Almost middle). You can't even see the sand dunes and the snow didn't stick. But it was 32 degrees. In June... yeah... I brought back out the winter coat, ALMOST put on a scarf and gloves. I've been really good about not whining about having to live here forever. And I actually like it, but.... this day all day, I was actually rather sad. I'm ready for summer after this horribly long winter!

Thursday (yes, on the video I said the wrong date, I know) was getting better. It was still cold and I wish I had caught it raining, but I just got it after class before I was heading home. I needed to continue on my 4 day crazy weather broadcast even though this wasn't as drastic as the previous two days.

Friday, today, is finally much much better. It hit 70 degree's and was rather pleasant. And you know it's been a long yucky year when the first decent day in a while comes around and all your teachers are like, "Why are we in class today?" and let you out early. I have a story, though! (Yes, I know everyone is oh so excited cause I have the best stories!)
One day, I backed out of the garage and saw on our front yard this yellow tractor watering the lawn. It was so funny to me because I could tell it was moving or "driving" if you will and Jaren didn't tell me he had bought anything. So, he was so proud of his purchase, cause it's like kinda having a sprinkler system, but cheaper. Well, one day we were sitting at our counter looking out the back door and the tractor was watering the lawn, kinda like what you see now. I said, "We need to name him" And Jaren said, "Do we?" And I started laughing so hard because I thought he said, "Dooey" Like he had already named him, then when I realized he said, "Do we", not "Dooey" I laughed even harder, then Jaren caught on and we were both giggling, it was a rather priceless moment :) So, here is our tractor named Dooey! (his picture is up top)


Jake & Victoria Elder said...

I think I have a new name for you, "Weather Woman Whitney"! I seriously think you should look into this! So Rexburg seems like it's pretty unpredictable, I can hardly believe it! That wind was crazy! Dooey! That's quite the name, with quite a story of how it came to be called that! haha hope that doesn't happen to your kids :)

M&E said...

So will your kid be named "oh boy". I am surprised that you bought a yellow sprinkler. I expect to see a new picture of it this week after it is painted green. Or you could paint it white to match everything else.

Mike K.

Marcistar said...

Whitney, you're so nice to want to look at my blog, so I thought I'd check yours out too! You're so funny! I love the weather report! I went to ricks for 2 years so I totally know what you're talking about! Why can't everywhere just be like Hawaii???

Victoria Gilbert said...

haha dooey :) I laughed pretty hard when I read that story Whit! Thanks for posting a video of your tractor sprinkler in's pretty funny, and pretty efficient too i guess! yay Jaren!