Sunday, June 22, 2008

Softball, Home Tours and Tractors

This week has been pretty eventful. I'm officially addicted to blogging, which is why I have been carrying my camera around with me. Which is why I have a zillion pictures posted. I had a softball game friday and we went to the Rexburg Parade of Homes Saturday with Jaren's best friend Kimball and his wife, Celeste. It was a lot of fun and Jaren was sure in a good mood as you'll see from the pictures and video.

This is one of my really good friends, Jessica. She is getting married Friday and I'm pretty excited for her. Jaren and I get to go to the ceremony and then the luncheon. After that it's onto Salt Lake for Jerry Seinfeld! I really wanted to see her and visit before she was married, so we met at Cold Stone for ice cream (suprised?) and visited for a good 2 hours. While we were sitting in some chairs outside, these two boys (looked to be just out of high school) walked up to us and kind of stood there. "Hi" they said, "Hello" we said, "How's it goin?" they said "Um, good, how are you guys?" we said "Uh, good" they said, then one of the boys said, "Uh, my friend her just wanted your number" Now, just to give you a visual there were 3 chairs, they were tall tables, we were sitting across from each other and I had my feet propped up on the 3rd chair. I also had my hands on my knee's at their eye level and my left hand was perched on top. I was just sitting like that, I promise I didn't do it as they walked up, but I was waiting for one of them to notice the ring on my finger... nope, no such luck. I tried not to laugh and I was about to tell them Jessica is getting married in 6 days and I'm married but she beat me to it, "Were both married.... sorry." HAHAHA, I'm very proud of myself that I kept a strait face, and they said, "Oh... uhh, sorry." One turned one way and the other turned the other, and then he turned around and ran after the other boy and they walked all the way around the building so as to not have to walk by us again. Ohhh, it was funny, and I'm so glad to know that I don't look like an old married maid.

This is me just after I bunted a sweet bunt that got me on first. I love to bunt! We have a super good team and we are ranked in first place. We won this game and I'm pretty bummed I wont be there next weekend for the play offs. But I will be there for the championship game! P.S. this is the fourth year I've played and I've been on two championship teams, although, I'm convinced if we had a good pitcher last year we would have maybe won that year too.

I love playing on this field because it has such a beautiful view. And it's a super nice field that was super expensive for the college. But it was definitely needed. It's just below the Rexburg Temple so that's also nice to look at when we are in the field.

So, this is why the video thats at the bottom doesn't tell the whole story. I just HAD to take a picture instead of capture this hilarious moment in it's entirety. Before you press play on the video, read my blurb about it first so you know what's goin on.

Just thought this was a pretty fireplace! I love the combination of stone and wood.

I am in LOVE with this basement. It's huge. Behind me is a projector screen thats massive. You can fit anything you want down there, it's like paradise. In the picture is Jaren and Celeste, I told them to pose and does anyone listen to me when I say that? No.

This couch is the smallest, most cutest thing I've seen. Then Jaren decided to sit on it. It was really funny, I took a picture, then wanted to take one with both Kimball and Jaren on it because nothing is more funny than two grown men on a teeny couch. (No, I did not notice that they crossed their legs the same way) And Jaren doesn't seem to look so happy anymore. Hehe.

This was after the funny video and Jaren was just having a blast crawling into every little nook and cranny that was in this house. Luckily, no one was in the rooms that we were in, otherwise we might have been kicked out. It was really dark and I let my flash take the picture that Jaren wasn't expecting. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room. There is also a black and white fabric chair that was really cute, but I couldn't get it in the picture. Someday, I hope to make my daughter very happy with something like this.

I thought this was a great idea. In the bathroom there was this beautiful built in vanity for your girls to primp themselves.

This picture comes from my favorite house. This looks like a rug, right? Wrong, it's carpet with the wood floor right up against it at the same level and around it. The carpet is the most soft, comfortable carpet I've ever been on (which is sayin something, because in our house, our carpet is spectacular). I believe it's called... frizzy, froozy, Shagadelic, Shaggy.. Ohhh, I can't remember, but it's really nice!

This is also from my favorite house that someday when we (HOPEFULLY) build a house Jaren said it would be just like :) (Probably just to get me to shut up cause I wouldn't stop rambling about how much I loved it all) I liked the bead board backing on this built in book case.

I got excited when I saw these tractors lined up all in a row; so I took a picture
(remember, I am carrying my camera around with me). There are 2, I believe that are missing from this assembly line. And, I couldn't pay them enough to bring them out and line them up for my picture.

This was taken really late at night, so my flash is all that lit it up. This is on Jaren's farm up on the hill (20 miles from our home.. yes, he drives up there to check on things ALL the time and I'm left at home for an hour bummed cause he just got home from work and then left again. ANd I would love to go with him, but I usually have homework I'm doing). These were the last planted spuds, so they are still babies, but I, again, got excited and had to take a picture. I'll take one when they are big, because the rows of them are beautiful.

Here is the video I am way way excited about. Jaren crawled into this little "playhouse" thing that someone made from the low roof, which is really smart. It was funny, he's 6 feet tall and just sat in this window crackin jokes. What we missed was him telling us that this was going to be his "life coach" office and people would come to this window and listen to him. I'm laughing and trying not to giggle the camera too much or giggle out loud. Which is why my voice sounds like it does. Enjoy!


Chelsea & Chad said...

Yeah we just moved around the corner! We now have a 2 bedroom! So exciting! You'll have to come visit next time you are in town.

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

Look at you ya little bunter! Bunting always made my heart race a little which is probably why i loved it too! That black & white room is amazing, maybe in your house you could have a room like that for you to take naps in! I want one just like that! SO PRETTY!
Now you will definately have to make a little play house for Jaren in your new place! He obviously would enjoy it!!!
p.s. your plants rock!

M&E said...

Farming must not be going very well because it looks like you moved into a "tiny" house. I am proud of you though for trying to cut costs.

We could have used you guys on Sat at our softball tournament.