Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Hair!

I tried this website cause I want to cut my hair. And I can't stop laughing. Here you go, let me know which you think is best on me! I got a little carried away. So, you can laugh all you want but really.. I want to cut my hair! Oh the site I did this at is called, hairmixer.com
I sent the last picture to my mom and she thought it was me, she was freaking out. haha.
who's hair is this! it's so funky, I like it!

Do I look a little latina?

I am a Hillary look a like!


I don't know who this is, but I wish my face fit better!

Couldn't tell you who's hair I'm wearing here.

Gettin Jiggy wit it, na na na na na na naaa. I AM LEGEND!

Fergie's hair?

Jessica Alba hair? And the face isn't perfect on it... so ignore that, see the bigger picture here!

I believe this is Scarlette Johansen hair (sp)

I'm not going to dye my hair, so with any of these it will stay brown. Keep that in mind while voting!


Ann Marie said...

Holy Smokes Whit!! A lot of these look so real, for a sec before I read your blog I just saw the first pic and was like whoa whit cut/dyed her hair!! Thats crazy dude! You could totally be a movie star :)
Anywho I don't know which one you should pic, prob not the hillary one, oprah one, or will smith one! Haha! Good luck!

Victoria Gilbert said...

whoa i totally thought that facebook pic was real...pretty funny! Cute though ! I want to try this! Umm...ok so i think the first one is pretty fun, and fergie, but i think the real winner here has to be HILARY!! haha :) so funny.

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

So I was hysterically laughing last night & spitting soda everywhere AND I totally forgot to comment about this! Ok so you are so LATINA! That was the soda spitter right there!! LOVED IT! We could be twins!
But seriously...go for the scarlet johansen hair! go short!

The Jensen Family said...

Ba ha ha... I personally liked the obama look. However the osmond hair-do was pretty cool! Hey it's Kathryn from Planning Health, add me to your page!!

M&E said...

Hey it was so fun seeing your blog. now we can really know what you guys are up to. You LOOK HOT!! I thought those pictures were great. honestly you could get away with any of them, except maybe will smith... any way it will be fun to stay in touch. Tell Jaren hi from mike
-Emily Kinghorn