Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Spring

So, there is a lot of wind, and there has been quite a bit of rain lately. I got so excited when I saw this rainbow, cause it's the first one this year. I took it from my front door. And I loaded two of the same pictures and couldn't delete one of them, so I shrunk it. That's this little guy below.

This morning I went outside to take some pictures of Jaren's grain babies. I took a picture of the sand dunes too. This is my back yard, I happen to think its beautiful, just wish it was closer to town.
Jaren's Grain Babies! They get pretty when they grow big. Untill they stop watering it and it gets golden. It's pretty then too, I just like green better.
Our tree's are still brown and baren, but this is a bush in my backyard and it's blooming! I can't wait till it's all green and pretty.


Chelsea & Chad said...

I hope it's a girl but... it'll probably be a boy. :)

Ann Marie said...

Whit! You weren't jokin when you said the dunes were your backyard?? Haha!! Thats cool! You can pretend you are in Egypt anytime you want :)

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

Wow! look at all that land you guys have! haha the pictures of your plants are pretty cute :)