Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low Blood Sugar

Turns out that's what I've got.  Can't seem to raise it for more than a half hour at a time, though.  I am supposed to eat often.  Like every hour to hour and a half.  You'd think that wouldn't be a problem, except that food still isn't super appealing yet.  And the stuff that is isn't what would be good for a snack.  Like, hot cheetos.  Mmmmmm.....  I used to go through a bag every other day when I was pregnant with Naomi.  When I went through that phase.  I think it lasted a few weeks.  I'm trying to keep it much more reasonable this time.  Like... 1/4 of a bag a day.  Or just on the days I eat it. 

The bummer of a thing is that I've done so well with my weight this time.  Not even on purpose.  I was more sick this first trimester - not throwing up, but incredibly nauseous with all food being disgusting and forcing down every bite.  First trimester with Naomi I gained 6-8 pounds.  This one: 3.  So far I'm at a 7 pound weight gain at 17 weeks and with nae I was 5-7 pounds ahead of where I am at this point.  And, I started out 2 pounds lighter than I did with Nae.  Smaller than I was in high school.  Well, from my Jr. year and on. 

So, I'm on the hunt for low calorie snacks that I can eat often.  So far I eat a saltene cracker, slice of chedder cheese and a pickle slice on it as a snack.  Ooooohh, so good.  I have 8 of them and that gives me about a half hour of energy till I'm ready to drop again.  An apple does really well.  I've been forcing all kinds of healthy things down.  Not that I don't like healthy, because I do, but this pregnancy is just so strange. 

Good news?  We find out what we are having one week from tomorrow!  I'm excited.  Nervous.  Not expecting one or the other.  Jaren is sure it's a girl, I don't really have an opinion or an inkling one way or another.  With Nae, it was on the way to the ultrasound that I felt like it was a girl.  We'll see about this one. 

And since I'm on the computer with all of the pictures, here is a picture! 

This was taken 2 weeks ago.  So I was a few days past 15 weeks.  Huge, right?  But wait.... I'm smaller in the next picture...
Angles.   And this next one is from my first pregnancy.  This is what I mean, I think I'm showing about 2-3 weeks ahead this time. 
Huh.... I think I look more like a mom now.  But, maybe that's cause I don't do my hair as well?  Or... also cause I am?  So, I don't do my hair much.  Oh well.....


Victoria Gilbert said...

Yay! Pictures! You look so cute :) Maybe you're having a boy, since this pregnancy is so different. You never know though... every pregnancy is a little different!

Lena Gilbert said...

Hey Whit-You look great. I would try pairing a carb with a protein to get your blood sugar to stay up a longer. So like peanut butter and whole grain crackers, cheese stick and wheat thins..anyway, I'm sure you get the idea. When are they testing you for gestational diabetes? I doubt you have it but it seems weird you would just have random blood sugar issues. Anyway, best of luck and hope you can keep finding yummy stuff to eat!!

Anonymous said...

I think "Oh, poor Whit" Then I look to the side of your blog page and even though I still feel bad that you feel bad, I'm glad that your having another one that will be as cute as Nae.