Friday, January 13, 2012

15 Weeks - No. 2

Here it comes again, another baby.  Planned?  Yes.  Excited?  Yes.  Although I've kind of reached a limbo state.  Finally starting to feel well and get a bit of energy back just as my stomach muscles are starting to hurt a little and my belly is getting big kind of faster than I thought it would be.  Not to mention the girls hurt from day one worse than I ever remember (besides clogged ducts) them hurting.  And have every second of every day since.  I can't even lay on my back for more than 30 minutes without getting up and wanting to cry a little.  Not even mentioning laying on my side.... 

Last pregnancy I didn't have headaches, it was a miracle.  Literally.  Because I get head aches for as long as I can remember.  I remember going to the nurses office in 5th grade and asking for Excedrin.  They told me they could only give me Tylenol.  Pansy medicine.....  Come to think of it... what was I doing taking Excedrin at 10?!!!  Maybe I was older...  Anyway, 4 wheeling accident at 17 and they came more often and much worse.  So, to say I had not one single one from the moment I got pregnant until I had Naomi and got a spinal one from the Spinal thingy is a miracle.  I'm not so fortunate this time.  And Tylenol does squat.  It's made it a bit less fun. 

Also making it a bit less fun is the sickness that is much worse this time around.  And exhaustion the likes I never knew possible.  Except with 5 month old babies.  Seriously, I would go to sleep at 10, Naomi wakes up at 7 a.m. (9 hours so far) and I'm still in a coma so Jaren (the sweet wonderful man that he is) takes her out, puts on a show, gives her a banana then comes in to take a shower.  I sleep for another 30 minutes to an hour with this.  So, we are up to 10 hours.  Then, about 10-10:30 I've lost any steam I built up with my 10 hour slumber.  Another show comes on and I get my pillow, tell Naomi that Mama is tired and taking a rest and get anywhere from 30-60 minutes of sleep in between having toys shoved in my face or having to switch a show.  I wake up and feel like I can run a half marathon and then about 12:30-1 p.m. I'm down again.  Thank heavens Naomi goes down for a nap just after 1.  So then, do I.  For at least 2 hours.  That's anywhere from 13-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period!  Every single day until I left to Florida on the 2nd of January and had to stay awake if I wanted to see the parks.  And for the last 2 days I haven't been so sure I even need a nap.  Although, I still feel really tired and have taken them anyway.  Still getting 8-9 hours of sleep at night. 

Onto the sickness.  With Naomi it was something that was constant, but not always horrible.  And I was able to eat and fix it.  Well, for a while, anyway.  I craved things and not all food tasted bad.  Most of it actually tasted good.  Except sweets; those were yucky.  Never threw up and it ended around the second trimester.  This time?  Really bad nausea constantly.  Food helped for about 20 minutes and then it was back.  It felt like I was on the verge of puking at any second, although I knew I wasn't.  This time I took anti-nausea drugs that helped the second they hit my tongue.  Food was disgusting.  All of it.  Nothing sounded good or tasted good.  It was maybe once a week if I was lucky that I thought, "Hey, this doesn't taste so bad!"  And then I was fighting a gag reflex with each bite.  I forced the food down because I knew I needed it and because not only was I fighting the nausea without it, but I also had hunger pains.  I didn't puke at all until some sort of super bug that was like the 24 hour flu but only 8 hours long and totally completely miserable and violent at Thanksgiving.  But I decided not to count that because it was caused by a bug, not the pregnancy.  Until last Saturday in Florida when I ate some pancakes that were so gross, but the only food I had around me super early in the morning (which is my sickest time of day).  About two hours later my body decided it didn't want that nasty tasting stuff going through my digestive system.  Lucky baby.  So, my clean record is ruined.  But, again, last 2 days I've done better.  I'm feeling hopeful.  Oh, and I have to remember to talk about my Harry Potter Land experience. 

What's different this time now that we know about my "severely bifurcated uterus"?  Knowing the baby will come at 37 weeks.  Maybe even a few days past that.  And by C-Section, which I'm not excited about, but am okay with.  The risks are too high otherwise.  And I'll have more ultrasounds (I had quite a few with Naomi, too) than normal.  I'm going to a specialist at 20 weeks in Idaho Falls with a Neonatal Specialist person from Salt Lake - one of the big hospitals there who comes down a few times a month.  A high resolution ultrasound to make sure everything is looking like the rest of the pregnancy will go okay and the delivery and the baby looks okay.  Other than that it's just the biggest relief to know this time around why I'm cramping and why things will hurt so early and so much worse than my friends.  Why the kid is always on one side and not moving and breach and everything else that doesn't fall into a normal pregnancy.  It scared me so much last time knowing things weren't normal and not knowing why.  I've been cramping this time (with nae it was constant and annoying) and it's not as often, but it's more painful when it does come.  But this time I'm not thinking I'm losing my baby every time.  I'm expecting the PSD, rib pain, cramping, pain, bed rest, ect...  I will say that I'm glad I waited as long as I did, so Naomi is older and doesn't need as much as she would have 8 months ago.  Although, going through this this time has made me think I'm waiting even longer between 2 and 3.  I need the kids older and if the next one is worse than this one....  I just need lots of time between.  I'm not expecting it to be, but I'm not going to expect it not to be either. 

My emotions have been crazy.  I'm crying over the littlest things.  Commercials, watching Naomi, watching Jaren, thinkin too much in my head.  I'm not as happy and carefree as I usually am.  At least it doesn't happen as often.  My mood swings lower more often than normal for me -since it's almost never low usually.  I can't seem to get out of the funk once it hits.  I'm just kind of mellow and blah.  I hope that goes away because I'd much rather be in a fantastic mood most of my days. 

One more thing.  I've been having a lot of low back ache/pain for the past 2 weeks or so already.  Not the best sign of things to come.  And my stomach muscles in one spot on my right side of my "6 pack" (once was, but not so much anymore) about 2 inches above my belly button hurt.  Just thought I'd document that.  I'm going to look back at my last pregnancy stuff and see if I mentioned any of this happening and when. 

I'll post some pictures soon.  :)


Jenny Robbins said...

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Though, it is good to have all the information you have now and understanding things better from your last pregnancy. Hopefully, you'll get to feeling some relief soon and the sickness has past. :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I can tell you that hopefully your C section this time will be 100 times better this time. I have heard it from serveral people that C sections are better after the first one. my second C Section was like night and day with my first. so so much better then second time around. I wasn't in very much pain and it was just overall a better experience. Do you deliver at the rexburg hospital? if so did they give you morphine? i had my first section in rexburg and was put on morphine and it did NOTHING for the pain. it was the worse. this last time i was in washington and i made sure they knew i didn't not want morphine. yeah morphine sucks! good luck. I hope the sickies leave soon.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

p.s. i just read through my comment...yeah it sounds like i don't speak english, sorry about that! HA! hopefully you understood what I was trying to say...yikes!

The Boyce's said...

You're so good at documenting everything! Sorry you've been feeling so crappy! Hopefully that passes soon! You don't need to feel sick AND be in extreme pain! But how nice that you have answers this time around! Can't wait to see pictures of your growing belly! You should post some pictures that compare this pregnancy with the last...I did that & it's amazing how much sooner I was 'showing' with my 2nd!