Friday, July 25, 2008

Lincoln City, Oregon

This last week has been an eventful busy week, but oh so much fun! We drove to Lincoln City, Oregon where we go every summer to a beach front house. My grandma has rented a house on the beach since I was 12.... or younger, I'll have to think about it. It used to be mostly my mom, aunt, grandma, little sister and her age cousin, Roxanne, and Chantile my age cousin and myself. Sometimes Nathan, my older brother and his age cousin Lige would come, but since we have all been older and out of high school it's been harder to get us all there for the whole thing. Just about everyone showed up for at least a few hours for the 5-6 days we were there. There were really 4 super sunny days, and 2 cold overcast days. 2 days where it was warm enough to not have to wear your jacket. Thanks to my aunt for sending me these pictures through email so I could post while I'm still in Washington visiting more friends and family. Oh, and on one of those sunny days.. I got quite the sunburn a long with my cousin, Roxanne. So hopefully this is the start to a bit of a tan!

Swinging at a park with my 10 month old neice, Claire. I have a video of her swinging by herself, she thought this was the funnest thing.
And I'll never grow out of playing on the toys myself. This was so fun! I glided back and forth for a while.
The day Chantile showed up. It was so fun having her and her boyfriend, Reuben there for even a little bit. We are usually attached at the hip the entire trip, but since they just live an hour and a half away she has to work!
This was quite the site. I wasn't involved in this crazy fiasco, but I watched it from the beach house; which I will post a picture of later. One peice of bread is thrown and you have tons of seagulls. Amazingly, no one was pooped on.
These two cousins had quite the time getting to know each other. Claire loved Isak and it took him a day or two to warm up to her. Isak walks and Claire is 4 months behind him and she is still crawling. They love each other and would play together often. Isak loved to come over to Claire's head and rub it because she has such soft hair. I wish I wish I had caught a video of it, but we are going to Boise Sunday for a few days and maybe I will catch them then.

P.S. I won a Seriously So Blessed contest! I won a bumper sticker and as soon as I get it, I'll post a picture. I never win anything so I was pretty excited!!!


Jake & Victoria Elder said...

You look like you had the most fun at the park! Your neice is so adorable! Oh so I wanna see your new coach purse, whether you post it on facebook or here!

Anonymous said...

You are in TROUBLE! You went to Lincoln City and you didn't even come see me!!!!

Victoria Gilbert said...

you're Seriously So Blessed man.

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

happy birthday!

Seriously, so blessed! said...

Is it really your birthday!?? Happy birthday! Love you!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

OH we go there every year. It's my favorite!!!!!