Thursday, July 17, 2008

FINALLY Time for Vay - Cay!

Credits go out to SSB for introducing me to the term, "Vay-Cay"

Yes, it's true, I am done with this semester! I would like to thank my husband for being my sole employer so that when I neglect my wifely duties because of school work, I just have to bat my eyes and I'm forgiven. This last month has been insane. I had to finish school early so that I could drive myself to Washington on Thursday (Today). To do this, I really didn't get any house work done. There was a sink full of dirty dishes, 2 hampers full of clean unfolded laundry, an unmade bed, a bedroom with tons of clothes scattered about and un-ironed (is that a word?) church shirts. Jaren let me know he'd take care of it all.... no big deal. But.. that's why I get paid the big bucks; I do the dirty work, can he handle it? ;) He cleans the kitchen all the time and he does a better job than I do. I have been so high strung the last 2 weeks. Finally, I got everything done and left Rexburg at 12:00 pm. 9 1/2 hours and 43 gallons later, I arrived in my wonderful hometown of Othello. Tomorrow morning were up early again and on our way to Lincoln City Oregon. My Grandma rents a beach front house every summer for us to enjoy. It is very much needed for me this year.

I wont be back to Rexburg for 2 weeks... this is the longest Jaren and I have ever been apart (the previous record being 3 days). It sure isn't going to be fun.... But, I would like to leave everyone with this image of me doing... I guess you can call it a "happy dance" because another semester is behind me, two more to go.

You need to have your volume on to have the full effect.


Adam and Kristina said...

I just wanted to thank you for saying I'm cooler that TAMN today. That brings meaning to my life, because my self-esteem is based on superficiality.

And way to rock the haircut! It looks great!

Jake & Victoria Elder said...

YES! I loved that video!! Your so hilarious! ya thats right it made me wanna get up & dance! And maybe I did you will never know.... being gone for so long you are totally goin to miss out on all of TAMN's will you survive?

Ann Marie said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS!! HAHAHAHAHA How did you do this in front of some big screen? I totally want to do it! I love it whit!