Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Championship!!!

Last night was our championship softball game. As you can see, we won! It was my last fast pitch softball game ever. Unless I play this fall, but chances are high I wont. I thought about playing soccer with Lindsey but we'll see if she has time for it. That would be a lot of fun, I haven't played since fall of 2003. So, I made some pretty amazing plays, if I do say so myself, but batting wasn't my best. This whole season I have struck out once and what happens this game? I strike out twice AND I'm the third out BOTH times. Goodness, I was so mad. This ump's strike zone was either at someones knee's or their head. Not at the belly where the perfect balls could be hit and anyone else would call a strike zone. This is my third Championship out of 4 times playing softball. I just bring such luck to my team, I guess! (hahahahahha) Unless we don't have a good pitcher (which is what happened last time). The pictures are not in order.

Were Number One! Were Number One! We only lost one game this season, and that one shouldn't have been lost. This is what you get when you win a Championship at BYU-Idaho; T Shirts. I have 3 :)
My noble fans! They didn't hoot and holler like my second championship when my brother's were there. But, who needs hooting and hollering!
So, they said to make a mean face.... I didn't know that meant a "serious" face. So, here I am Grring out loud and no one else did. Boo.

Before the game, this was a fun picture. I'm the photog so I'm not in it.
I had to get a picture in my uniform before I got all sweaty and red cause it was hot.

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Ann Marie said...

YES!! We totally ROCK!! It was so fun playing with you again! What a way to end it all eh? I like the pics! They are great! I like how in the mean one almost everyone looks like they are suppressing a smile...or Janae who's just smilin away!! Way to be hardcore tho!! Haha!! Our team was fun, I loved it!