Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wish I Could Meet Jack Someday

I would love to have one of the super cute backgrounds that looked like you scrapbooked them. I tried for a second but it did weird things to my page, so I switched back to my old one. Then it took off my entire blog list, which irked me because I had to look everyone back up and I finally just bookmarked the pages too so if that ever happened again I wouldn't be as irked. Not only did it take off my blog list, it took off every page element I had except "about me" and the past posts element. Boo! I don't quite understand why. Am I dumb? Is there something I did? Stupid backgrounds.

Anyway... just thought I'd let everyone know I'm now officially obsessed with Law and Order. I come home and leave the TV on and watch re runs on TNT while I'm doing homework. I tell ya, if I don't watch the beginning it's not as good of an episode for me. Is it morbid that my favorite part is finding out how the crime was committed? Or found or whatnot.

If you can't tell, I'm bored. Jaren is out checking water and I didn't go with him because I figured I might pass out.... but I'm wide awake. I should be reading for a quiz I have Monday... but, I seem to have a hard time getting myself to do any school work till the last nano second lately. Maybe because I'm sick of it!? Yeah... could be.

I'm also really entertained by the blog, "Seriously, So Blessed". It's someone posing as a Utah wife and plays the epitome of a Mormon Utah girl. My friend, Victoria sent me the link and I spent an hour yesterday reading posts. It's really funny. Lena, I think you'll especially enjoy it. What's even funnier is reading one of your friends posts who talks just like her. Not that I have any friends who do that. :) I really don't, but I'm sure you guys might. Hope everyone is having a super non boring night!

Oh yeah, I painted that extra bedroom I was going to re-do today and it's way too dark. I'm bummed and now we have to prime it and then paint it a different color. It's all my fault! I'm a bit stubborn and made us paint the whole thing.... I really should not have done that. I'll post pictures later. It looks like you walked into a super green pine tree needle.

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