Sunday, February 6, 2011


I didn't make any resolutions this year.  I did it on purpose.  Well, I thought about it, but I let it slip by, then I was two weeks into the new year and decided "oh well". 

You see, I do really well with one of my 5 plus resolutions all year, but the others fall away eventually.  I don't want to be a failure this year.  So I decided to not set lofty goals for a whole year.  I'll do some as I go and if I don't keep up I'm not too worried.  Because a week ore two or a month later I usually pick back up where I left off. 

So, here I am over a month into 2011 and I have decided to come out of hibernation.  My hibernating consisted of playing with Naomi, reading, making a headboard, ironing all of Jarens 17 shirts, watching Prison Break, reading some more, cooking, reading again, Naomi, Naomi, sleeping, reading, occasional cleaning, laundry once a week and even more reading. 

I haven't even been taking pictures.  What kind of mother am I?!  But I have been videoing so don't get your panties in a bunch.  Or knot.  However that works. 

I decided I'm going to start therapeuting.  What is theraputing, you ask?  Well, it's doing things that are therapeutic to you.  Or ends with the resulted feeling like you've been lying on a couch talking someone's ear off about all of your worries and troubles so you leave feeling elated, light, happy and effervescent. 

Here are my therapies:

Write:  because if you've read more than one post you know I like to talk.  You may also know talking makes me feel better.  So I'm going to blab all I want here and not feel bad if I don't post a picture or if no one reads.  Because I feel better.  But I do like comments...

Exercise:  Because I feel free.  I love being in shape and shame on me for not keeping up with an exercise routine for more than 2 weeks since JUNE.  I started running again last week and as long as I do it 3-5 times a week I'll be happy. 

Clean:  the actual cleaning is NOT therapeutic for me.  In fact, I really don't care for it and I have to be in a really special mood to get going.  But the end result is what makes me happy.  And it makes Jaren even more happy than it makes me and that adds to my happiness.  Right now my house is disgusting.  I'm not going to get it all done in a day - or a week.  I'm going to pick a small thing each day and maybe over the course of the next month my house will sparkle.  Literally.  And maybe even I'll pick up a good habit of staying on top of it all.  (Again, I'm not getting my hopes up).

Naomi:  I'm going to take more pictures and video even more.  Because she is awesome.  And really whiny right now because she is getting 2 pre-molars and 2-4 k-9 teeth.  And she is a dancing machine.  And blabbers.  And I need to entertain her and help her to find more things to entertain her other than Dora, Baby MacDonald and Baby signing time.  Not that any of those are bad choices to spend one's time, but I would rather her run around and laugh and play. And I need to get her pooping regularly.  Poor thing.  It's a good thing she likes Prunes.  Oh, AND I need her to feed herself!  UGH.  AND I need to figure out how to wean her off a bottle because she is quite attached.  QUITE. 

So.  Here I go.


Alexis Treese said...

Yay! So happy youre back from your hiatus, those are most definitely necessary.

I, too decided to forgo resolutions. Instead I am just trying to make a conscious effort to live a more present and happy life. Which can be super challenging with a demanding newborn who has a sleep phobia and a toddler who is testing every boundary out there. So here's my secret, I turn up Lady Gaga and dance and sing like an idiot and it works... because its impossible to cry and rock out to Gaga at the same time.


Anyway whatever you put your mind to- you'll do it. I SO admire that about you. You have no idea how many things I've quit. But I can tell you how many new years resolutions Ive kept... zero. haha.

Love you!

Nana said...

Whitney, I'm glad you are back too! I got tired of looking at the garbage disposal post. so Yeah!

Riley&Destry said...

I think you're un-resolutions are terrific. And when you do figure out how to get rid of the bottle, send that info my way because I know a little guy who is pretty attached too.

Chantile said...

#1. the best new years resolution I ever made never to make another resolution and I have kept that one!

#2. I found this site the other day I thought it might give you some ideas to keep a tidy house without going crazy.