Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I Had 7,387.49 Dollars

I would buy these things on my (mostly)frivolous wish list:

$399.00   Bose Sound Dock.  
I love music.  I listen to it all the time.  My daughter is evidence enough since she has been dancing since she was 7 months old and could sit up and bounce/sway/move her shoulders.  Currently I am toting around a pair of old computer speakers and my iPod.  Works alright, but doesn't have the sound or the look this much prettier choice has. 

Again, I love music!  I am currently using my 4 gig Nano that I bought with 4 months worth of tips back in August of 2006.  I paid $250 for it and I can't believe how the price and style has changed.  I love this new model since it's perfect for running and I wont have to have the tan-line from my arm band that I have to carry my current iPod in.  Not to mention I can get it in pink.  Or Graphite since it looks gold and it's fantastic.

Since it seems that in any given month I am dressing up in dresses and heels 4-5 times I want timeless staples.  And that would be some black leather pumps.  I love shoes and when I'm in a dress I prefer heels.  Since chances are more likely I'll never be able to afford a pair of these I could settle for the below example.

Cheaper, not as luxurious and comfortable and beautiful, but $600 cheaper, so who cares?  Me. Oh well, I can dream.

I really like paring red shoes with black and white outfits.  I have quite a few black and white outfits.  I don't know why the red is more than the black, but if I was ever able to afford the black I'm sure I'd be in the position to afford the red.  And they would last me forever - my entire life and then some, right?  Would that justify it? 

$89.95 Red Pump - Steve Madden
And here is the much, much cheaper (but not as beautiful, comfortable and not even real leather) option.  Right now I am using an open toed pump that I bought for $10 back in September of 2006.  They have a few scuff marks on the sides but otherwise are alright.  Oh, they are horribly uncomfortable.  I'm ready for an upgrade.  How about a $785 upgrade?  I know, stop rolling your eyes.  Or maybe you're nodding your head and drooling?

Nude is supposed to go with everything and there are a few things I have that I don't exactly have the perfect shoe for.  So, I'm on the market for a Nude Pump.  And I really like the look of the hidden platform.  Which most of these options have.

I had to.  I believe I have a fetish with expensive beautiful shoes the same reason I have one with jeans.  They are better made and are more comfortable.  They also last longer - assuming you care for them properly.  I don't have any of these expensive heels, though.  I do have really nice jeans (although I am proud to say I have never paid full price for a pair) and can testify of their value.

So, I know I'm looking for regular timeless pumps, but this is beautiful and I think I'd do it instead of the others if it were ever an option.  I think someday when we are ever somewhere where I can try a pair of Loutoutin's on, I will.  And I'll blog about the experience.  :)
$2,306.50  Canon 5D Mark II
I don't even think I have to explain this.  But the picture taking quality, the options, the high ISO - everything about it makes it loads better than my scrony t1i.  It's a purchase I hope to make in the next year - assuming I can save enough and book enough clients to make the money. 

I want a wide angle lens.  I wouldn't mind the fixed 35mm as I really love my fixed 50mm, but I want the zoom this provides.  I've found that with taking pictures of kids you need to be able to be further away and at a moments notice catch an expression closer up.  I would probably buy this before the camera body above - which would mean putting it off for longer than a year.

$179.00  Shoot Sac
Currently I'm using a bulky camera bag backpack thing that I have to take off my shoulder, unzip and pull out the lens I want to use, then change the lenses, put the other back in, zip it back up and put it back on my back.  Time consuming and inconvenient and costly since I lose shooting opportunities.  I have heard good reviews about this bag -so it's on my list of priorities.

I'm looking for a black boot with around a 3 inch heel to wear with jeans.  I've been on the look out for a while now, but haven't found anything that strikes my fancy enough.  These are beautiful and would work great.  But if I had $400 to spend on shoes, I'm not totally sure if I would choose these.  Although, I would use them more than any of the pumps that are on my list.

$139.00  Kindle
I love love love to read.  The library here is found wanting and I can't afford the amount of books I want to read.  Since books only cost a few bucks with the kindle I wouldn't feel so bad buying a book that I'm not exactly sure I'd want to read again.  Since I re-read books every few years I don't mind buying a book if it's good enough to re-read.  The only problem is buying one that I don't want to have in my library and not being able to return it.  It's a waste.  With this it would be alright.

And this, ladies and gentlemen concludes my current lust list.  What is on yours?


Jenny Robbins said...

What a nice wish list!

Nathan and Paloma said...

Oh Christian louboutin.... owning those black pumps are on my bucket list. Good taste Whitney!!

& I want nook color from barnes and noble!

Katie said...

So, I think a long time ago I used to follow your blog but then I think you changed blog addresses and then I did as well. Google reader recommended your blog and it kind of made me laugh to come across it again. I love the list...the #1 thing on my husband's wish list is a 4 wheeler. Me....hmmm....that's a tough one. Maybe a new camera or clothes or decor for our house. I'm pretty easy to please.