Monday, February 14, 2011

Bucket List

My friend, Paloma, left a comment on my post below about how a pair of those fantastic beautiful shoes were on her bucket list.  It got me thinking.... a bucket list!  What a great idea.  I'm making one.  So here is my first few things (in no particular order) (and some may be done already):

1.  Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park.

2.  Go on a Caribbean Cruise. 

3.  Surf in Hawaii (CHECK!)

4.  Skydive or bungee jump

5.  Visit New York City

6.  Eat at the top of the Space Needle

7.  Own a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes

And that's it for now!  I think this will get pretty long at one point.  I can't forget the things I've already done, but should be on there anyway. 

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!  Jaren came home with chocolates and a dozen, long stemmed red roses that are more beautiful than any that he has given me before.  And what did he want for his Valentines dinner?  Risotto?  Chicken Cordon Bleu?  New York Steak?  Fettuccine Alfredo?  Anything dinnery and something specialy?!  Nope.  Turkey bacon sandwich.  So, of course I smoked up the house and burnt the bacon.  But he still said it was delicious and exactly what he wanted.  Ahhh, he's the perfect Valentine. 


Nathan and Paloma said...

Oh my goodness You HAVE to eat @ Sky City at the top of the space needle. (That's actually where I was proposed to!!) The food, view, and atmosphere is incredible and well worth the hefty price.

I won't spoil the surprise but there is a little something special at that restaurant that you can see/participate in while dining that reminds me of post secret. ;)

I bet you really want to go now huh??

Whitney R said...

Yes I do! Sad thing is is that I've been on top of the Space Needle twice. One time we were going to go to dinner there - it was with Jaren - but we were just dating and I didn't want him to spend that kind of money on me. (Yes, I regret it.)

Jenny Robbins said...

What a great list! I might steal a few of these to start my own Bucket list.

Genavee said...

Fun part about divorced parents is for a while before my Dad re-married, I got to go to various work events that people normally take spouses too. Which is the only reason I've been to the space needle restaurant. It was really cool, but looking back it seems a shame to waste on a 12 year old.