Saturday, November 6, 2010

Upstairs, Downstairs, Family Room, Living Room?

I wrote this post on Sunday and had planned to post it on Monday, but then thing's came up - I had my crown prep and didn't feel much in the mood for anything.  Then Tuesday happened and I vented about something else.

Anyway - sorry about hearing about my giant to-do list again, but this was written before Tuesdays or Thursdays or Friday - whenever I wrote that last one's post. 


Lately I've been going nuts.  Nuts with how I feel like I don't have a handle on anything.  My house seems to constantly be a mess.  I am behind on balancing my checkbook.  Laundry, editing, taking pictures, videoing, blogging, reading blogs, phone calls, cards, exercising, projects, dinners.... ect...  How do you just get a grip!

One thing at a time... I know....

Jaren has brought up making our upstairs family room into a living room for a while now.  I'm always hesitant because upstairs is where I've decorated, painted and made into a nice homey warm home.  Downstairs is cold - figuratively - it's white, not really decorated.  Basically it's where we stick stuff.  But since I've started my photography business my computer is set up down here.  And so we've put half of Nae's toys down here and I'm down here every day.  It's become more familiar and not so cold.

And because I feel like there isn't a room in the house that is in order - except Nae's room - I'm all for roping off the upstairs and wrangling the circus to downstairs.  First thing on the list is to paint.  Painting the downstairs will give it the finished warm homey feeling that I need.  We will move some of the furniture from upstairs downstairs - bookshelf and T.V. stand.  That will help.  I'm going to decorate downstairs.  And over time it will feel more like the upstairs.

What we are most looking forward to is after Nae is put to bed we can walk upstairs and sit in a nice, clean space.  And the mess is all in one place.  And when people decide to drop by I wont feel like the worlds most horrible house wife because my house looks like it was ransacked.

I'm hoping this will help me to not feel like a housewife failure.  Which happens quite often....


Lena Gilbert said...

I have discovered its pretty impossible to keep my house clean with two very active, mobile children. But, at least I can keep it from being "dirty"...there may be some clutter here and there, but at least there is no molding food, weird smells, or open diapers on my floor. But hooray for renovations! Perhaps I will need to come visit soon and we can go thrift store furniture shopping and then have a huge spray painting party!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really good idea Whitney. Do it! lol, over time that is ;)