Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love Photoshop.  I love that I can take a pretty picture and make it beautiful.

I also love some of the black and white actions I have.  Here is a color of myself and then the black and white.

My favorite thing?  The clone and content aware tools.  Because with them I can do fantastic things.  Like this:
Notice anything?  Like how Mommy is in the first picture with little sister and not in the second?  There may be easier ways to accomplish taking them out.  But I had to super zoom in to where I could see each individual pixel and rebuild the sidewalk, bush and even some of the grass.  And I took care of what you could see through her hair.  I'm not really good yet.  I hope that with more experience I can get better.  But this little firecracker was everywhere so fast and so this picture was a good one.  With a pretty background, except for the legs sticking out of her arm.  So, being able to save it was really a necessity.  And I was particularly happy with myself when I finished it.  It took me over an hour and a half.  I think if I were to re-do it, it would take half that time since I have become more efficient.

I can take a picture that I love and do fun actions that change the color a bit.
Here is the original and below is the change. 
Not too drastic, but enough to make it feel different.  

And those are just a few of the reasons I love Photoshop!

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Steph said...

Wow, we really gave you a run for your money didn't we? Or perhaps not since you did it all for free.... I can't thank you enough. If the photo shoot alone wasn't crazy enough all by itself! I know you put in so many hours editing our stuff. We really love them!!