Monday, September 6, 2010

I Get It

I usually have the T.V. on Nick J.R. just playing away and Nae just plays on the floor and watches occasionally.  And I can tell which shows she really likes.  Dora is number one.  She's fascinated by Yo Gabba Gabba and really likes The Backyardigans.  I think it's cute that she squeals at the T.V. every time the backpack song from Dora comes on.  And she dances.  It looks like a shimmy and it makes me smile or laugh every time. 

We were downstairs and she was going through my stuff next to my desk and the Nickelodeon mega music fest comes on.  The first person on is Dora.  I said, "Naomi, Dora's on!"  And she looked at me - the T.V. is on the other side of the desk so she couldn't see it.  I picked her up and turned her to the T.V.  Then it switched to Go Diego Go or The Backyardigans - I don't know.  But she squealed and was glued to the T.V. smiling.  They were singing Black Eyed Peas and so we got up and danced and she was so happy.  And I had tears come to my eyes because she was so happy!  And I realized, I get it. 

I get why parents wake up at 3 a.m. on black Friday to get their kid Tickle Me Elmo.  Or sit at the computer and the second the clock strikes 12 they are clicking away to buy Hannah Montana tickets.  Or whatever it is. 

It makes her so happy!  Such a simple silly thing to us, but whenever Dora is on T.V. she is smiling and making happy noises and talking and squealing.  I guess I adore the girl.  I probably wont buy her any Dora paraphernalia any time soon.  And probably wont pay hundreds for her to go to a concert.  But for now, I think I get it. 

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