Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Before I started my photo blog (which uses wordpress as a platform) I thought about switching, but couldn't think of a reason to.

Now that I've had experience with both I'm sorely tempted to switch all three of my other blogs over to wordpress.  And since I've already paid for a hosting site I think I can change the other's addresses to dotcom's.  Which I would like.  What I'm worried about is that people may not be able to find my blog when I change the address.  AND can I keep all of my posts?  Or is it like starting a new one all over again?

One of the biggest push's to change is how blogger resizes the image for me.  And when I've already done that it makes the image super pixely and grainy.  I love my pictures and I want them to be as crisp on my blog as they are in my editing software.

I haven't decided 100% for it or not.  I'm definitly over 50% for it.  Maybe even 77% for it.  The other is just the time it will take and if I'll loose readers and... and... you know.  All that.  Oh, and can I make it private?  For my daughters blog?  Which, by the way, I have been vigorously updating.  Trying to catch up.

Here is an example of the picture problem.
Not resized

Can you tell a difference?  I thought I could...  Another thing is the upload time.  It takes FOREVER to upload a non-resized image.  And only a minute or less to upload a resized one. 

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Experiences with this? 

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Michelle said...

I'm just the opposite. I started out with wordpress and switched to blogger. But I don't really care that much about the quality of my pictures I post. I can definitely tell a difference between the pictures though. I don't think you'll lose any readers. And I think they have similar privacy settings as blogger. So you should be able to make your daughters blog private still. I am pretty sure there is a way to save all your posts as well. I follow 'my kitchen cafe' and she switched from blogger to wordpress and she took all her posts with her. I have no idea how it's done though.