Thursday, August 19, 2010

Egg Recall

Have you heard about the egg recall

Normally, when I hear about recall's I'm just sitting around looking things up online.  The only other time I had something that was being recalled was the infants tylenol this last spring.  This is how it went for me today:

Naomi crawling all over me this morning whining and even when I'm holding her she's not quite happy.  She tries to crawl on the floor, so I let her down, then she turns right back around and wants back up.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  So I'm exhausted when I put her down for her first nap.

But I want to read!  I'm more than half way through the fourth Harry Potter book and it's been three years since I've read it so it's almost like reading it again for the first time.  Almost, except that I know the end result. So it's exciting again.

Anyway, so I put her down and read a chapter, then lay down myself because, remember, I'm exhausted.  I get maybe 40ish minutes and then Nae is awake.  So, I go in and grab her.  She wont drink much of her bottle, she is all whiny again so I take her outside - in just a diaper.  And I live in the middle of nowhere but that is when everyone decides to drive to my neighbors across the street and some of the farm boy's decide to drive into the yard - right past me in stretchy pants and a giant t shirt, holding this mostly naked baby. 

I bring her back in, she is still a bit whiny, wont take her bottle and so I give up and walk out of the room and start cutting the egg's that I boiled.  Well, had to RE boil because I originally boiled them last night, but upon opening one of them found that they were not all the way hard.  Annoying.  So, I'm peeling and cutting and peeling and cutting.  I had just read a few days ago that I can now give Naomi a whole egg.  So, I decide to take about 1/3 of one of the egg's, mash it up and put it in avocado and mash that all up.  Her first time with egg and avocado.  I probably should have just introduced one at a time, but I was feeling adventurous. 

She is eating it, pulling some faces, but eating it.  Jaren comes home and it's all over.  She wants him to hold her and she's whiny again.  So I handed him the bowl and he fed her and that satisfied her.  I grabbed the computer to look up my itinerary for next week because I thought I was flying out of Portland early in the morning and getting back into Idaho Falls late afternoon.  (I was wrong, by the way, flying out in the afternoon and not getting in until later in the evening).  I open my email and found an email from Jaren's sister with the link to the egg recall.  I told Jaren to stop feeding her and grabbed some bananas and strawberries and he fed her that instead.  I got out both our cartons of egg's and looked up the numbers.  Turns out - we are safe. 

But seriously!  The day I decide to make egg salad sandwiches, and feed Naomi egg for the first time AND I had an omelet yesterday! Next thing I know I'll find out all my baby food I bought for Naomi (probably enough to get her through the rest of her puree'd food stage - $70 worth or more) is all bad. 

So I added some lemon and seasoning salt and ate the guacamole with egg in it for lunch.  With half an egg salad sandwhich.  Sure hope those are the only infected numbers on that site, or we'll have a sick family.


Anonymous said...

單純喜歡你的部落格,希望你能收到我的感謝 ^^..................................................................

Nathan and Paloma said...

Scary!! That's why we buy the organic, grass-fed, free range eggs.
It is totally worth the extra dollar or two.

Alexis Treese said...

Ya this is pretty much what my lifes like. C'est la vie. Now Im craving an egg salad sandwich.

Victoria Gilbert said...

OH no! hope you guys don't get sick!! Wonder if our eggs are bad...? Maybe I should check that out.
5 more days till we see you! whoohoo!

Anonymous said...