Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm (Just About) Back!

My body, anyway.  Today marks 7 months postpartum and I am 1 pound away from my goal weight.  I'm sure it will come off sometime in the next few weeks while running like a crazy. 

There are a few things that are different after going through a 46 pound weight gain during my first pregnancy.
  • My back seems to be holding onto fat more than it used to(bra fat and love handles)
  • My tummy isn't totally completely flat like it used to be, but it's close.  The muscles are - I just have a small tire going around my middle.
  • The arm acne.  Never had it before, but it popped up while pregnant and has not gone away and has gotten worse and worse.  It really really bothers me.  I don't know why it's there and why it wont go away!  
  • My breasts are different because of breastfeeding and will never be the same.  Kind of bummed.
  • I'm a bit weaker.  Can't do as many push ups like I used to.
  • My thighs are a little more shapely. 
  • A few fading stretch marks on my outer thighs (never got any on my tummy!)

But these things really aren't bad.  The only noticeable thing I think is the layer of fat around my middle.  And it's not much, just a little.  Maybe others may not notice it much.

I haven't posted a recent body picture, but I had Jaren take these 2 weeks ago. 
Except this one.  This is me a year ago 6 weeks preg.
6 1/2 Months Postpartum

Overall I'm very happy with how I've bounced back.  I am not exactly as thin as I was before, but I feel like if I keep exercising hard I can be with time.  If not, that's ok.  At least that's the mood I'm in now.  Tomorrow I may feel differently.


Jenny Robbins said...

You're so pretty! I love the picture with you and Naomi. Congratulations on your awesome progress!

Nathan and Paloma said...

You look great! What an achievement to be proud of!
Now go eat a bowl of brownie batter to celebrate lol.

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful and baby is very cute=)Lovely blog♥

Michaela said...

Way to go! You look fantastic!

Life as Ashley said...

Pretty much hate you. JK. It's just because you look so GOOD. :)

Try Eucerin Intense Body Cream (something close to that) on your arms. It's in the tub, not tube or bottle. It's at Walmart for $5-ish. Put it on after exfoliating in the shower, and the arm acne will go away. Not that I would know what arm acne is or anything..... :)

Chad, Chelsea and Dawson Davis said...

Okay now it's my turn :) I really want to get back to my high school weight... That means I need to lose about 20 pounds. Wish me luck!

Katy said...

Okay I followed you here from That Wife - - and I have to say thanks back for your kind statement! So many people dissect every little thing you say there, even when you think you are being so non-judgemental...but I digress.

But you have to stop talking about how close you are to your goal weight and posting awesome after-baby pictures. It's making me extremely depressed as I enter the 11th month after baby #2 and I'm as fat as ever. 'Kay? ;)

But seriously, your blog and little family are stinkin' adorable. I hope this is not my last time venturing over to your neck of the woods!