Sunday, May 16, 2010

Countdown: 4 weeks

First week of serious training is done.  I was a bit nervous about it.  Running on the treadmill is harder than running outside.  Seeing the numbers and not being able to control your own pace is annoying.

I ran 7 miles Saturday in 75 minutes.  Not bad for having only ran 5 miles outside and it was a month and a half ago.  I didn't stop once.  Here is how it went for me.

I dropped a water bottle on the way to my In Laws (to drop the babe off) at the nexus of my route.  I grabbed it at 1 mile took a swig, dropped it again (kept running).  Grabbed it after 2 miles, 4 miles and 6 miles, then carried it the last mile back to the house. 

After the first mile I started to think, "Oh crud, I'm already tired... how the heck am I going to run 13 miles?!"  But, I thought, "I've ran 5 miles without stopping, I can think about walking when I get there."  So I kept on.  It wasn't until I had just turned to start my fourth mile that I started to feel really good.  And I thought I could do it. 

During my fifth mile my hips started to hurt, but conditioning wise, my respiratory system was doing great!  I had hit my steady state and I knew I just needed to push my body. During my sixth mile my hips stopped hurting, but my feet, left ankle and left knee started to bug (man, I feel old with all these aches and pains).  And it wasn't until the last half mile that I started to get out of breath and tired.  Then my feet REALLY started to hurt.  I'm attributing that to the new shoes that I'm still currently breaking in. 

So, what I learned from this run is I need to work harder.  That I still have 5 more miles to run in 4 weeks.  So, I'm going to try to do 2 outside runs this week instead of one so I can continue to pace myself myself (yes, meant to say that twice). 

I haven't registered yet and I wont until this week is over.  I am going to see how training goes and how my 8 mile run goes Saturday.  Or 9... not sure what I'm doing.  But, since I already ran over a 10K yesterday I  should just do it. 

I'm just nervous!  And excited!


Trudy said...

WOW! I admire you dedication, Keep at it!

Em said...

hey can we see your little girl?
me email address is