Thursday, December 31, 2009


I posted yesterday about how I'm hoping to start making some improvements with myself.  Today I'm divulging information.  In code, though.

Instead of telling exactly how much I weigh, I'll give false numbers, but accurate at the same time.

Here we go:
I weighed 100 lbs when I got pregnant.  But I didn't really weigh 100 (I wish), but we will pretend I did. 
I gained 46 lbs during my pregnancy.  That is true.  So, at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 146 lbs.

Make sense yet?

I have 16 pounds left to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.
So it's like I weigh 116 right now and want to get back to 100.

Let me know if I'm confusing you.

I don't mind giving my real sizes.
Pre pregnancy I was a size 4 or 5, 26 or 27 and every shirt fit in a small.
Right now I'm a snug size 8.  Snug 29 and every small shirt is too tight and mediums fit.

In one of my classes during my last semester I was able to do underwater weighing to find out my exact body fat percentage.  It was taken in March - I was pregnant, but only around 6-8 weeks so it shouldn't have affected the results much if at all.
I was at 15% body fat.
I'm not sure where I am now since I'm done with school.  I'm hoping to go to the wellness center soon (they let members of the community come in) and get the caliper body fat thingy done to find out where I am now. 

Right now I'm losing about a pound a week without exercising.  I'm hoping with exercise to bump that up to a pound and a half to 2 pounds.

I cannot diet by cutting calories (since I'm breast feeding).  So, instead I'll diet by getting my calories from healthy sources.  More nutrient dense foods.
Chocolate didn't taste right during pregnancy and it does now.  I've been eating some every day.  (I know, it's amazing I'm losing any weight at all.  Thank you breast feeding)  I will stop that as soon as it's all gone :)

My motivation:
  • You (through comments - hoping to get some supportive ones)
  • this blog - I will post results often and it would sure be embarrassing if nothing changes from one post to the next.
  • pictures - pre pregnancy pictures vs now.  I'll post examples.
  • Jaren - he wants his little wife back, I'm sure :)  (even though he compliments me VERY often and has never made me feel like I'm slacking or fat)
  • Clothing - I have a pretty sizable wardrobe that I am dying to get back into
  • Money - I can't afford to make a new wardrobe of larger clothes
  • mommy frumps - I do NOT want to become a frumpy mommy (which is what I feel like now)
  • time - I want the most amount of time back to my pre pregnancy size before I get pregnant again and lose it all over again. 
  • hair - I want to chop my hair off again, but wont do it until my face is skinny (what I consider skinny) again.  Naomi already grabs and pulls at my hair, can't imagine the damage she will do when she get's coordinated.
Up next: pictures.  Pre vs. now.


Lena Gilbert said...

Best of luck..I found my prepregnancy weight did not
equal my prepregnancy body,,,but I have 2 kids too. Some things just plain change for good. So glad they are worth it though!

Anonymous said...

I recommend substituting a protein shake in. Still dense in calories but good calories. You can buy chocolate so you can still get the fix.

Wendyburd1 said...

You have only 16 to go, WOW, Whit, you are doing so great already, if you have lost 30 already! Make sure you keep the protein high, very important when losing weight.

You are going to do great and I love you hair short it is so cute!!

Life as Ashley said...

Good luck Whit!

Alexis Treese said...

You can do it!

Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

Good Luck whit! Call me anytime you need an exercise partner, or just for support. I'll be right along with you, trying to loose the rest of my baby weight. I highly reccomend the website
You can make a profile with your weight and measurements, input exercise and food for each day and it totals up calories for you, and helps you to see where you are at in your progress.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Bah, lost all of baby #2 weight but still am 20 lbs from baby #1. Pathetic, huh...especially since she SIX!!! :) You'll do it! Good luck!