Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions: 2010

I went back and read my 2009 resolutions and realized I only kept 2 of the 5 (having a baby and ironging Jaren's shirts).  The exercise one was easy to keep until I hit my third trimester during pregnancy and had complications.  I read my scriptures very often, but not daily.  And cleaning the bathrooms once a week?  Oh man... I wont even go there.   

1.  Get back to my pre pregnancy weight
2teach Naomi how to dance
3Run a half marathon
4effectively juggle housework, cooking, wife-ing and mommy-ing
5Sell stuff on Etsy to make money for house decorations and clothes - for both baby and I.

6Unless I'm sick or immobile: do push ups and sit ups daily
7.  Become fluent in DSLR camera
8.  Learn how to edit pictures

8!  It might be too many.....


Whitney R said...

eh hem... college graduate - "ironging"

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

Haha. That's too funny. I didn't even notice the "g". Those are pretty great goals. Just curious, how do you teach an infant to dance? :)

Whitney R said...

Jenny, I'll find a way :) Whether it's when she is 3 months or a year - I'll do it!

The Jensen's said...

Whitney! How are ya! Yeah, I saw that you had a beautiful baby girl! You are going to be such a good mommy. Girls are so much fun, and lets be honest, they do have the cutest clothes. I do want an invite to your blog! My address is

ramsam said...

I am doing a half marathon in 3 weeks, and I am scared to death. I am going by myself and kind of raw because of a sore ankle, but I am not backing down! It was a goal that lost me last year, so I am doing it the first month!
Good to see you on- it's been a while since I heard from you. *hugs*

that raven chick said...

you know your little comment prompt actually prompted me to leave a comment. you know, you look a lot like alexis bledel from gilmore girls.

Jessica said...

You're BACK! (Actually, it's silly but, I'm catching up on the reading that I missed while I was out of town and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see THREE posts from you and all of them seem to reflect what I've been thinking/feeling just... not as a mom. Doesn't make sense, I'm sure but,... yeah. Glad to have you back.)

Kristen said...

At least you have made resolutions, I haven't even done that yet so you are a step ahead of me. Good luck!