Monday, March 15, 2010


  • I have been a bad blogger
  • I have been obsessed with my daughter
  • I have not been as on top of housework as I'd like to be
  • Lately I have had to put off running
  • I have been sad about not running
  • I have lost endurance
  • I made a decision to continue training
  • I have been busy
  • It's been hard to see how busy I've been since the house isn't spotless and blogs aren't updated and the miles aren't climbing in my training log
  • I've been obsessed with photography and editing
  • I've been wanting things I can't have (like CS4)
  • I've been very, very grateful for our Heavenly Father
  • I have been dying for spring to come (I've not been outside for longer than 3 minutes since October)
  • I've been missing family
  • I've been missing friends
  • I've been lonely
  • I have been dreading April as the start of farming and Jaren wont be around so much
  • I have been excited for April since that's when my family is coming
  • I have been feeling stressed about April because my house is not ready for said family to come
  • I've been feeling better about myself physically
  • I've been wanting so badly to chop all of my hair off 
  • I have been wanting to nap for more than 30 minutes in a day
  • Naomi has been sleeping 12 hours strait at night
  • I have been waking up in a lot of pain because Naomi doesn't need to eat at 3 a.m. anymore
  • I have been mostly, 97% happy (the other 3% has to do with self improvement)

Lastly, here is a picture Jaren took of me yesterday.  One of the last with my long hair since tomorrow is the day I chop it off and send it to Locks of Love for my second time. 
Can you tell I've not been outside since September? 
I'm trying to decide if I want bangs or not.  And not the kind that go all the way across your forehead.  I was annoyed with them while I was pregnant and let them grow out.  But now I think I may want them again....  thoughts?


Riley&Destry said...

I think bangs would be adorable on you. You could pull it off with your pixie face!

Jillene said...

I think you look good with bangs but whatever you like best is what's important.

If you are waking up engourged--pump before you go to bed. I always had to do that. When I didn't for like a week straight--I got mastitas--and that REALLY sucked.

Jon, Julee, and Maddie said...

I also think bangs, but cut out a corner of the bangs. I'll have to google a celeb to give you any idea. So tell your hair dresser, corner cut out bangs and a a-line cut. Oh I can see it now.

Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

How short are you going? I think it will look great! hmmm....I can't decide about bangs. It all depends on what style you are going for? I know my input isn't very helpful at all. haha

If you are bored or lonely and need a friend, give me a call anytime. I know Naomi's nap schedule (of which I am very jelous) limits you going out, but I can drag my anti nap (or nap anywhere) little boy over and visit. Gimme a call! I get quite lonely at home all day too.

Wendyburd1 said...

Whatever makes YOU feel the best is what you should do! You look great by the way and yay for Naomi sleeping 12 hours straight, what a nice baby!

Anonymous said...


CaJoh said...

So looking forward to seeing your new look. I think that's great that you can donate your hair to charity. If only I had enough hair to donate.