Monday, March 29, 2010

It's About Time!

That the weather is nice enough for me to run outside!

These pictures were taken the day I cut my hair.

It was 40 degree's and I was so excited about it.  I bundled up my babe and got out my jogging stroller that I was so very excited about getting and headed out the door. 

I went 3 miles and Naomi slept.  The road out where I live is very rough so she was giggling all over the place so I don't think it was the best sleep.  I don't think I'll take her out again until I can sit her in the front and I get a cover for wind/sun.  Also when she will be awake for it. 

Who knows, maybe she liked it.

I know I did! 

In fact, Saturday I dropped her off with my Mother in Law and ran 5 miles without stopping.  In 53 minutes!  I'm very proud of myself as I haven't done that in almost 4 years. 

Very exciting.

See how I'm running? :)
And now I have a snazzy amazing ponytail.  Or.. part of one. 


Anonymous said...

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year! Love the stroller and your hair! :)

Wendyburd1 said...

If she was giggling she must have loved it!!

Wendyburd1 said...

Oh almost forgot, hope you will follow my Photog Blog :

And I miss your comments so I hope you can blog more soon!!:)

that raven chick said...

I envy your undying motivation to get into shape

Lena Gilbert said...

We should do our long runs together the weekend of lindsey's wedding! I only have to go 7 miles! We could even do it on friday evening or something if saturday morning would be too crazy...we have lots of babysitters

Wendyburd1 said...

I have tagged you in a photo meme, you can do it on either of your blogs!!

Whitney R said...

eh hem - JIGGLING :)