Friday, April 18, 2008

Whitney Day

That's right, today is Whitney Day. I finished school Thursday, the 10th, came home, cleaned house, did laundry, went to sleep, woke up Friday, cleaned some more, finished the laundry, packed, then left to Salt Lake. When we got there we found our room to be lacking much of a bathroom... and much of a bedroom. We were a little disappointed considering it was for our anniversary. So, Jaren calls the front desk, asks for an upgrade or something, well, the hotel was so full that we got put into an available room in the tower, the 16th floor (there are only 17 floors), we had a balcony and the room was HUGE. For only 20 bucks more a night. It was 3 times the size of our previous room with a massive bathroom with a vanity outside. I'll post pictures, we were so excited about it. Anyways, so Saturday was spent running around Salt Lake shopping, looking for bedding (which was our main focus). We found a duvet cover at Ikea. We ran to Provo to see some friends and got home late. Sunday we checked out went back to Provo to have dinner with the same friends and then headed home and got home really late. Monday I ran errands all day, into Rexburg, to Idaho Falls, home, getting things ready for me to take off the next day. Tuesday, I left to Boise and was there visiting Kevin and Lena and Isak, it was good to see them. Then, Thursday afternoon I left and got home that evening. So... Today, I have dubbed Whitney day, to do whatever I want before school starts. Tomorrow I have to run to Idaho Falls agian and get my books and stuff for school and clean my house again. So, everyone knows Lena is the running queen. She mentioned to Lindsey a month or so ago about running a marathon in August. Well, most of you don't know I have had this desire to run one before we decide to start a family so I can say I have ran at least one marathon. Lindsey and I decided we would start training. Well, we were really busy and you need to run at least 5 times a week and we were only getting 3 in. We have a training schedule and we did week 1, 3 weeks in a row. Then, I got sick and then finals rolled around and then this running around Utah and Idaho in the past week; 3 weeks has crept up on me and I haven't ran. I need to run. So, today on Whit's day, I'm going to run... after lunch :) I need some major motivation. Linds is back in Washington, my running buddy is gone. Sad day. Jaren said he'd run with me which will be fun! haha. He likes to keep behind me so I cant see him running and it drives me nuts. I have to yell to talk to him and if I slow down to get behind him, he slows down.... never ending cycle till were walking. Oh well... Okay, like I said I cant promise anything exciting but it sure gives me some purposeless chatting. Adios! Whit

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