Thursday, February 28, 2013


Neighbors house across the street.
 As much as I don't like living so far out of town, I love where I live. It's beautiful all the time, and I love my view of the sand dunes.
Backyard and partial view of the Sand Dunes.
 I also love all of the vegetation growing around. My lilac bushes, my big giant tree's in the backyard and some in the front. And.... that's about it.
Liliac bushes in my front yard.
 I'm not a fan of the winter's here. I don't like how long they are and how cold it gets.

Lilac Bushes.
Especially when the wind blows on top of it being below zero. It was worse when I was in school and was out in it so often, but now that I am inside for just about all of it, it's not so bad. Except that being inside all the time get's old. And stifling. Like right now, end of February I am just itching to run outside, let my kids outside, go for a walk, anything outside. There are certain view's that I can't get enough of and open the blinds in every room so I see it wherever I go.
Some more Lilac's.
And frosted mornings are one of them. I have been meaning to go out and take some pictures, but don't always have someone home to watch my girls so I can walk around the yard. One Sunday morning it was frosty and Jaren was home, so I put on a coat, snow boots and grabbed my camera and took a few pictures.
 Giant tree's that I love (when they aren't flying through my windows) in my backyard.  And Naomi's mini trampoline.
 Garden decoration I forgot to put away.  There is a blue one, too.  

 "Mama!  What are you doing?  Daddy!  Mama's outside!!"
 This is my favorite picture.  I love these trees.  Especially when they are luscious during the summer.

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Ashley Outnumbered said...

I'm so jealous of your trees! Beautiful pics Whit.