Monday, July 9, 2012

Pop Goes the Weasel. Or Tire.

I've slowly started exercising over the last two weeks.  Last time I jumped right in at 2.5 months postpardum and my milk supply dropped dramatically, so this time I'm being much more careful.  I also am storing tons and tons of milk just incase.  Because I don't think I'm capable of producing for a year.  Or 4 or 5 months.  At least as much as she will need. 

Just as a side note; I hate pumping.  It's a mean machine.  But I need it.  But I don't have to like it.  Not even a little. 

Okay.  I feel better.

So, Saturday Jaren took Naomi to help him mow the lawn and I took Adalyn in my stroller to go for a walk.  I ordered a double jogging stroller and am picking it up on Wednesday so I can't go for walks with both kids until I get it.  I've been dying to get outside so I was really excited when I didn't feel totally exhausted and Jaren was able to take Nae. 

I only made it about 30 yards before I couldn't stand walking anymore so I started a very slow jog (turned out to be about a 13 minute mile.  I was runnung 9 minute miles when I got pregnant).  It felt good to move like that again!  I made it just under a mile and a half (halfway back to the house) when I hear a huge gunshot sound and the stroller goes kerplunk.  My right back tire had popped!  Well... I could walk it back, but that's not going to be fun carrying it because the tread was totally off the rim.  And I would have to carry it because it was rocking back and forth really bad and Addi was a rockin which she didn't like; I could tell by all the growls and grunts I was getting.  So, I was going to see if I could get a ride back and just be grateful for the workout I got.

I called Jaren and didn't get an answer.  I guessed he wouldn't because he was mowing the lawn - who hears their phone while mowing?  So I left a message and then sent a text hoping he'd just check his phone and see it.  And then I just started walking.  While carrying and balancing the stroller on it's good wheels.  It was getting quite hot and Adalyn was in pajamas with feet so I didn't want her to get hot. 

I ended up walking the entire almost mile and a half back carrying that blasted stroller.  My biceps and forarms were cramping (think of holding 20 pounds up for 25 minutes at a 90 degree angle without letting it down).  Blah.  Quite the workout I ended up getting! 

And quite the headache I now have.  Sore back and neck and arms.  Good thing I have a chiropractor appointment this week.

After about 2 minutes in the house I heard another gunshot sound and went outside and sure enough the other back tire had popped!  My guess is it's been in the garage since last fall and the temp getting cold then hot, cold then hot was making the air in the tube contract and expand and then with the heat that morning - POP! 

So, this week I am buying 4 no puncture tires to replace those on both the single and double Bob.  And then the green expanding goo stuff for the front tires (since they don't make no puncture tires that small). 

Because the thought of that happening with both of them in the double makes me cringe.   Talk about 40 pounds or more. 

This was before the second one popped. 


Chelsi said...

psh I can't even do a 13 minute mile and I'm 3.5 months pastpartum. At this rate it will take me nearly 3 hours to run a half marathon!!!!

Jenny Robbins said...

Yeah, I wasn't even fully healed 2 months after birth let alone being able to work out. You rock woman! That's such a bummer about the tire though. Hooray for getting a new one!

Also, I hear you on the breast pumping. It's incredibly tedious and boring. The only keeping me going is knowing how good it is for my baby.

The Risenmays said...

I just have to say that I am so glad you are blogging again! Adalyn's birth story is crazy. I am so glad everything went well and that she is healthy and that you are both doing so well.

Lena Gilbert said...

I have the no pop tires and love them. Glad you're running again!