Saturday, July 7, 2012

6 Weeks Too Soon

Or 3 weeks sooner than anticipated.  At my 32 week appointment I was scheduled for my C-Section  on June 15th at 37 weeks and 2 days.  Naomi came a day before that, so we figured I could do a day more. Now, I meant to do updates and I just hadn't gotten around to it.  I was too busy nesting and organizing/sorting/de-junking every inch of my house. Literally.  I'm not even kidding.  It is quite amazing if I do say so myself.  

(This post was written throughout the last 6 weeks off and on)  (And here is the story from my last pregnancy.)

Once I hit about 29-30 weeks I started swelling and it was worse each week.  The pain I was already in got more painful each day and I was having to spend less and less time on my feet.  To the point that at about 32-33 weeks I could only go about 20-30 minutes at a time, then would have to sit down and put my feet up because the swelling in my legs and feet were terrible and painful.  I had sciatica pain this time that I didn't have last time.  The PSD was worse and I had low stretching pain that wasn't just round ligament pain.  Basically there was a whole lot of pain around my pelvis and hips and lower abdomen.  

So, when at 32 weeks and 6 days I had menstrual like cramps at 9:30 p.m. for an hour strait I was concerned because it wasn't the same as all of my other pain and I didn't feel okay about it.   The next morning I went into the doctor to rule out a UTI.  I've never had one before and I didn't have any of the usual signs of one, except for the cramping - that can happen because of one.  Turns out, I did have one, but they sent me in for a Non Stress Test anyway.  The baby was fine, but I was told my uterus was "quivering", which just means it was irritated.  But that was ruled to be because of the UTI.  So, I took my antibiotics and went about my business.  Although, I started taking it even easier because of more pain and it was just so hard to move.  

I went into my 34 week appointment at 33 weeks and 6 days (last Tuesday).  The week before I had gained 5 pounds in a week and that week I had gained 7 pounds.  Not good.  My blood pressure was rising, but not alarmingly.  That I attribute to the baby aspirin I had been taking since I was 20 weeks pregnant to reduce the chance of Preeclampsia.  It was recommended by the Perinatologist (pregnancy specialist).  I was supposed to stop taking it at 36 weeks - a week before the surgery.  I was spilling protein in my urine and the swelling was so bad; the preeclampsia was back.  But they were mostly worried about my blood pressure rising.  I asked my doctor, "I've been on the antibiotics for a week now, when is the cramping supposed to stop?"  He said, "Uhhh... I don't think that is because of the UTI"  So, he wanted to get me to 35 weeks and was hoping to not have to take me in for the C-Section until 36 weeks.  I was so sure I could make it 2 weeks.  Thinking I could just deal with the pain for that long.  I was put on a salt restricted diet.  I had already cut back quite a bit, but I was going to try to find food with basically none.  That night I spent an hour or so looking up recipe's, pinning them on pinterest and making a grocery list. I was going to go get them the next day, and get out the baby clothes.  And that was it, because I was supposed to be taking it easy. 

Before bed I found I lost my plug (if you think it's TMI, sorry...).  I remembered the same thing happening with Naomi, but I wasn't quite sure if it was it.  I got out my what to expect book and read every thing on it.  When I got to the pre-term labor section and was reading all of the signs and symptoms I realized I had about all of them.  I didn't really know what to think and was trying to decide if I should go into the doctor about it, but we basically covered everything that day.  And I attributed a lot of it to the UTI and just my overall pain. 

We went to bed at 11.  

I got up at 12:55 to pee.  

I was kind of in that state of sleepy awareness of the outside world when I felt like, a pressure pop thing inside around my cervix and then a whole lot of liquid run out and down my leg.  My eyes popped open and I thought, "Oh no.  That's not good."  So, in a very, very calm even voice I said, "Jaren?"  He was sleepy responsive, 
"Huh?  Yeah?" 
"Will you help me up to go to the bathroom?"
"Oh... sure" He started getting up to make is way around to me.
"My water just broke."
"What?" Still sleepy, but came to me and helped me up.  With every movement more water came out.
No pain.  Where is my PSD?  It doesn't hurt. 
It was 2:03
Oh no, I'm in labor.  I need to make sure there is no blood.
"Will you turn on the light?"
"I need to make sure there is no blood, will you turn on the light?"  
He turned on the light.  No blood.  Sigh of relief.  
"You need to call your parents and tell them my water broke.  And call the hospital, tell them my water broke and I am 34 weeks and a C-Section and Dr. Watson is our doctor."  
"Okay."  He walked out of the room.
I haven't felt the baby move since before bed... but there is no blood, so placenta is okay... she's okay...
I went to the bathroom and went pee. 
Not much pain.  I can walk normally.  This is so weird.
 A large amount of water on the floor and when I went to clean up I thought, "what am I doing?  More water is just going to come out."
I went to the closet to get dressed.  Put on a shirt, then got out some underwear and pants and all this time with every movement more water came out.  
Jaren came in and I said, "It wont stop, it just keeps coming."  So he grabbed a towel.  I put it between my legs and just stood there not quite sure what to do.  I couldn't go to the hospital naked, but it seemed so weird to put clothes on when I was just going to soak them.  But Jaren's parents were coming over and I couldn't not have any pants on.  
"Did you call your parents?"
"Are they coming?"
"Did you call the hospital?"
"Did you tell them Dr. Watson was my doctor?"
"Oh... No.."  He left to go call again. 
Contractions started.  A painful menstrual like cramp ones.  Mostly in front.  Some in back.  
I decided I'd put my pants on.  I bent forward and another deluge came.
There's no way they can stop this...  I've lost too much water.  I'm having my baby tonight.  She's too early.  This is too soon.  I need to pack a bag.
I kept trying to clean up the water, but everywhere I stepped my feet were walking in wet stuff.  I grabbed my large purse and put my nighttime chapstick in.  I went to the bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste.  Brush, face lotion, deoterant and then just stood there looking around trying to figure out what else to take.  Jaren comes in.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm probably not coming home, I should pack a bag."
I don't have Naomi's things ready.
"We can do that later, come on."
I don't have her clothes out.
Can I have more children?
I went into the kitchen and grabbed my phone charger.  Walked into the front room and grabbed my Kindle and it's charger.  Walked back into the kitchen and grabbed my antibiotics.  
"Let's go"
I need my camera.
"I need my camera"
"The baby is probably coming.  We need pictures."
"We can get it later."
You're going to regret this
I walked down the hall, went into Naomi's room bent forward to look at her and a bunch more water came out.  It was a steady trickle with every movement at that point.  The contractions were steadily getting stronger and more painful.  I had no idea how far apart.  Just hurt all the time. 
I can't make it stop
I walked into my room and grabbed my pillow.  I felt weird doing it, but it seemed important.  I went into the garage and opened the garage door.  Jaren's parents had just gotten there.  
I walked down the stairs holding my purse, pillow and towel.  I came to Jaren's mom and said, "It just came and wont stop.  I'm sorry."  She wanted to know if I was okay.  I told her I was fine, just starting to hurt.  His dad asked if I wanted a blessing.  I said, "Oh, yes please."  So we walked to the front door and with every step more water came out.  
This has to be all the amniotic fluid.  I hope she's okay.  I haven't felt her move since last night.  This is kind of embarrassing leaking in front of his dad. 
I set down the towel on the chair and tried to keep myself under control.  Tried not to feel scared.  And only teared up and cried a teeny bit. 
I told them both thank you, gave them hugs and went out the door, and into the garage and put the towel on the seat and got up.  The whole while steadily leaking.  Contractions hurting worse and the realization there was no stopping it and I was fully into labor hitting.

We made it about a quarter of a mile down the road when we heard the "ding ding ding".  Oopse.  The tank was totally on empty.  And I had drove into town and back on that empty tank the day before, so there was no trying to make it into town on it.  Jaren turned around and his dad was behind us and followed us back to the "yard" (farm yard in front of our house).  When Jaren told him we needed gas he turned on the pump for us and Jaren put just enough in to get us into town and back.  (We have fuel pumps in the farm yard). 

While he was gassing up I decided to call my parents.  It was such a huge thing happening that I felt like I should tell someone.  But at 2 in the morning I couldn't call anyone except them.  At least I figured my water breaking super early justified my calling them in the middle of the night.  Even though they were in Washington and couldn't do anything.  I just felt like they needed to know.

I called my mom's cell phone first before I realized she probably didn't have it right next to her, turned on.  So I hung up and called the house phone.  My Dad answered and this is how the conversation went:

Dad:  sleepy, "Hello?"
Me:  Hi Dad, it's Whitney
Dad:  Okay
Me:  I'm just calling to tell you my water broke
Dad:  What?
Me:  My water broke and I'm in labor, I'm going into the hospital
Dad:  Oh no...
Me:  Will you tell Mom?
Dad:  Yes
Me:  Okay, I just thought you should know.
Dad:  Yes
Me:  Lindsey's working tonight!
Dad:  Huh?  Oh...
Me:  Yeah, I'm glad
Dad:  Yeah, that's good
Me:  Alright, well, I'll keep you updated.
Dad:  Okay...
Me:  Love you, bye
Dad:  Bye....

I think he was in a bit of shock.  Besides the fact he was asleep I had just talked to him a few hours before about what happened at the doctor's appointment and how I felt about it. 

This whole time I had been texting Lindsey.  I first sent her a text while I was standing in the back hall with my purse and pillow, waiting for Jaren.
2:15 a.m.
Me:  My water just broke.  I'm comin in.
Lindsey:  Really?!  I'm waiting in the ER admitting.  I'm telling the admitting clerk so she's getting you registered now. Do you need me to go upstairs?  We don't have any patients.
  (Upstairs is where Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby (where you go after you have your baby) is.) 

Me:  I'll go right upstairs.  We've already called
Lindsey:  So what entrance are you going to?  The ER or LDR?  The house supervisor will meet you there to take you up. 

Back to Jaren and I at the pump.  As soon as he put in a few gallons we took off like a rocket.  Or as fast as a Yukon can go like a rocket.  There are two ways into town from our house.  You can go through Hibbard (an area outside of Rexburg) or down the Salem Highway.  The choice is only a mile from our house; either turn or go strait.
Jaren:  Which way should we go?
Me:  the one least likely to have cops.
Jaren:  .........
Me:  I'd go through Hibbard. 
Jaren:  Okay.
what would happen if we did run into a Po. 
Me:  What would happen if we did see a cop?
Jaren:  He would follow us to the hospital.
Me:  I wonder what he would do...  He'd be calling in a high speed chase and then we'd lead him to the hospital.  Would he give you a ticket?  Take you to jail?  Or let us be because I'm in pre-term labor?  
Jaren:  I don't know.  (he often wonders how my mind works, and why I wonder so much)
I wonder if he'd have enough time to call in a helicopter.  Or if the helicopter is close by.. probably not.  Has there ever been a helicopter chase in Rexburg, Idaho?  Would this warrant a helicopter chase?  Owwwwiiiiieeeeeeeee...
The contractions were really strong and happening more often than I realized.  I wasn't timing them.  I didn't think to since I was obviously in labor and I was going to be having a C-Section anyway.
I can't believe I'm experiencing labor.  I never thought I would ever know what a real labor contraction felt like.  Or what my water breaking felt like. 

Back to texting Lindsey:  2:32 a.m.

Me:  LDR. We're driving fast
Me:  Hope Watson comes in
Hope it's not some doctor I don't know and doesn't know my situation and will try something stupid since I'm already in labor.  Like a version or delivering a breach baby.  I don't want to explain it all...  Owwwwiiieeee!!
I'm really glad Lindsey is there. 
Me:  I'm kind of glad you are there
Lindsey:  Got it.  I'm calling him to let him know.
Lindsey:  I told them your Dr. is Watson so they should have called him.  If not Dr. Meredith is here.  He's an awesome OB Dr. so that's good :)
Lindsey:  I'm going upstairs
Me:  Ok, good.  I think 5 minutes or less we will be there.
Lindsey:  Okay sounds good

Today is Isak's birthday..... (my nephew)

Me to Jaren:  It's Isak's birthday.
Jaren:  It is?
Me:  Yeah.  Lena is going to hate us.  First we get married on her birthday, then we have our baby on her firstborn's birthday.
Jaren:  She is not going to hate you. 
Me:  But she had Edyn on Nathan's birthday so I think that even's things out.

Me texting Lindsey:  It's Isak's birthday
Lindsey:  LOL, I know!  Are you having contractions?
Me:  I'm cramping a lot, hurts pretty good.  I assume so?
I was still shocked and in a bit of denial.  Even though I was sitting on a wet towel and having the worst menstrual cramps I'd never thought I'd experience.  And I get some pretty bad cramps. 
Lindsey:  Okay we're waiting outside for you.
Me:  I'm here

At that point we pulled into the little 5 minute parking drop off spot at the Labor and Delivery/ Mother Baby Unit door.  There was Lindsey and a tall man standing behind a wheel chair.
Oh... I get to ride in a wheel chair. 
He came up to the door as I opened it and helped me out.  I grabbed my purse and pillow and asked him if I should put the towel down on the wheel chair.  (I should have just done it)  He told me I didn't have to.  So I just sat down.
Me:  "It's going to get wet.  I'm leaking a lot"
Him:  "It's okay."
I don't think he believes me....

My last image of the outside world as I was being wheeled around and to the door's was Lindsey getting in the driver's seat and backing out of the parking spot and Jaren hurrying to catch up.
Oh, that's nice of Lindsey....

Through two sets of doors, up the elevator, through another set of double doors, around the corner and into the same room I was in for my NST a week before.  There was the gown on the bed and sure enough, I stand up and left quite the circle on the seat.  I told the guy, "Oopse... sorry about that."  He said it was fine.   A week or so later I was walking out of the hospital and passed what looked like the same wheel chair.  I couldn't help but wonder if he cleaned it or just let it dry.....

I put on the gown the whole while dripping down my leg.  It was such a weird gross feeling to be continually wet and not be able to stop it.

Flash back to the week before when I was there for my NST:
I was in the bathroom and had just put on the gown.  I started to walk to the bed and Jaren asked if I wanted my flip flops on.  At first I said "No" until I thought about it and instead said, "Yeah, never know what kinds of things have been on the floor in here"

Back to being in labor:
Oh.... now I know what's on the floor in here....

 Onto the table - I still hadn't felt her move since before I went to bed.  I was really anxious for the monitors to be hooked up and on so I could be reassured.  The minute the nurse started strapping those thing's onto my stomach she kicked and then there was her heart beat on the monitor.  I was so relieved.  The nurse left us alone and Lindsey came in.  I started telling her about how I left my camera (as I glared at Jaren) and she asked if I'd like Nate (her husband) to bring their camera.  He rotates 5 days of nights and 5 days of day shifts at work, so he was staying up all night to get ready for a night shift.  I said YES PLEASE!  And she called him.

Linds took a picture of us with my phone, I regretted not taking a few more maternity pictures even though I was massive (I totaled out at 46 pounds weight gain with Naomi at 37.1 weeks and with this one at 34 weeks and 2 hours I had gained 53 pounds - no telling how much more had I gone another 3 weeks).  Every time I'd have a contraction I'd tense up and not even realizing I was holding my breath.  Lindsey and Jaren were both yelling at me, "BREATHE!!"  Oh yeah... it's like I forgot I was supposed to do that.  Labor wasn't ever something I thought about.

Nate came in grinning from ear to ear and stayed that way the entire time until I was wheeled out for the C-Section.  He was excited about the baby coming.  I felt like I had to tell someone about what was going on so I posted on facebook about my water breaking.  I was also constantly texting my mom with what was going on whether or not she was there to read it.  Come to find out later she couldn't sleep after she found out and stayed up wondering what was going on.  But never checked her phone!  Silly Mommy.....

Here is the texts for that day:
May 23, 2012 3:22 a.m.
Me:  I forgot to ask you to get a whooping cough booster.  And especially since she is going to be so tiny.
Me:  I'm in labor.  Going to have the C-Section tonight.
Me:  Lindsey is with me.
Me:  This is kinda weird.
Me:  Say lots of prayers for the nugget.
Me:  She who is still not named.
Me:  Jaren still wont let me do Alice.
Me:  Now I've experienced labor.  They are 3 minutes or closer apart.
Me:  I'm dilated to a 1.5 and 90% effaced.
May 23, 2012 5:35 a.m.
Me:  She's here!  4 lbs and 11 oz. and 17.5 inches long!  She's in the NICU, she's getting oxygen and has an IV but she's doing really good and things look really good.  I'll call when I know more.  Love you!
May 23, 2012 7:47 a.m.
Ma:  Oh yeah!!!  Cause we've been worried!!!
Ma:  Thanks for letting us know :)
May 23, 2012 5:32 p.m.
Ma:  Whit!  Is she named yet?
Me:  Yes :)  I'll call you as soon as I finish my chocolate cake  :D

And that was absolutely delicious chocolate cake.  I shared a huge bite with Lindsey because I felt like it wouldn't help my digestive system if I ate it all, but I regret giving her any.  I wish I had ate the whole thing because it was so yummy.  Lindsey works there and can have hospital chocolate cake whenever she wants.

During this time my contractions were  over 2 minutes apart and we were just waiting.  They were calling everyone in that was needed for the surgery.  I felt really bad that I was waking everyone up and making them get out of bed, get dressed and come to work.  The whole thing was just unreal.  I think I was still in shock that my water broke.  I was very aware of the situation and that the baby was coming but I think having Naomi 3 weeks early and being able to take her right home was leaving me with a false sense of hope that this baby wouldn't need to be in the NICU for more than a few days.  And then I kept hearing about so and so having their baby at 34 weeks or 35 and being able to take them right home or only in the NICU for less than 5 days.  In the back of my mind I nursed hope that when I had to go home I'd be able to take her with me. 

And I kept thinking about what this meant for future pregnancies.  I knew already that right at that moment Jaren had made up his mind that we were done.  That terrified me and made me feel guilty for not being able to carry any further.  Logic and experience told me that my water broke for a reason.  I personally think it had almost nothing to do with the baby and had just about everything to do with me.  That I couldn't be pregnant any longer.  My body couldn't take anymore stress and pain, I'd held onto her as long as I could.  And Heaven only knows what problems I would have had had I carried much longer.

So many thoughts and feelings were roiling around and on the outside I kept a smile or grimace (depending on if I was contracting or not) on my face.  I answered questions and tried not to cry or be scared.  When Dr. Watson came in and I saw the look of concern on his face I realized the severity of the situation a little better.  I knew it wasn't okay that I was in labor - that the baby might not be totally okay, but there was nothing that could be done.  I know it wasn't my fault that my water broke, but it's frustrating that I can't control my body.  I should have rested more, shouldn't have tried to clean and sort and organize so much.  Shouldn't have picked Naomi up as much and should have eaten better.  All of these things will be things I do differently next time.

I think Jaren was taking it all in stride up to that point.  As soon as I saw Dr. Watson I said, "It just broke and wouldn't stop coming and coming.  I'm sorry."
Dr. W: "What are you sorry about?  You don't need to be sorry."
Me: "That I woke you up.  That all these people have to come in the middle of the night"
Dr. W: (with a bit of an eye roll) "yes, because it's your fault"
It's not my fault....
Dr. W:  "You know I wont be her doctor for a while, right?"
Me:  "Oh... why?"
Dr. W:  "Because she will be in the NICU.  Dr. Gates will be her doctor."
Me:  "Okay.  How long will she be in the NICU?"  (fully expecting less than a week)
Dr. W.:  "We don't know exactly what we are getting, but you can expect at least 2-3 weeks."

And that's where it got real.  Having my doctor who is always so optimistic and nice say what I was so scared of made it real.  (Come to find he was being optimistic compared to the NICU doctors and nurses).  After he left that's when I saw Jaren's face.  He looked sad.  I asked him if that was what was wrong and he said yes.  So then I felt bad all over again for having a premature baby and making Jaren worry so much.

It seemed that once my Doctor was there that there wasn't much point in making me wait and suffer.  At this point my contractions were 2 minutes apart and terribly painful.  I couldn't get comfortable and I felt so much empathy for anyone who went through labor and had their babies vaginally.  I experienced 2 and a half hours of hard labor, and I can't imagine those poor women who are in labor for 8 hours or more. 

I've had a C-Section before.  I knew exactly what was coming, but I thought I was going to have more time to prepare myself.  So I was scared.  Scared of the spinal, of getting sliced open and pushed and pulled and beat up to get that baby out.  But all that mattered was getting the baby out.  I sat up on the table to get the spinal in and everyone was silent while that was happening.  Then one of the nurses says, "Oh, beautiful Whateverhisnamewas.  Good job."
Me:  "Well, I'm sure glad to hear you say that."
So then I am laid back and the get to work putting the sheet over me and making sure I'm good and totally numb before the catheter - I specifically asked that they not touch me until I couldn't feel a thing.  And once the contractions went away I experienced a feeling of euphoria.  I didn't realize how tense I had been!  I was almost giddy.  I asked them, "Is this what it feels like to have an epidural?"  The total absence of pain?   The sheer bliss?  The little bit of cookiness?  Because I got a little silly.

Jaren came in and they got started.  I wanted to know if I could have an IUD with my weirdie uterus.  It was one of the things my doctor was supposed to make note of when he got a good look inside.  I held Jaren's hand and just talked to him.  Apparently the anesthetist had just gone home an hour before and was tucked nicely in bed and then got the phone call to come back because of me.  He was grumpy and not very happy with me.  Hey!  Not My Fault!
I was glad he didn't take it out on my spinal.
Maybe that was what the nurse was worried about and when she saw he did a nice normal insertion and I was going to have a pain free surgery she exclaimed,  "Beautiful!  Good Job!"  He's not going to kill her.....

I was trying to listen to the conversation of the two doctors cutting me open and finding out what my uter's looked like but I couldn't hear much of it because people were talking around me.  But Dr. Jeppeson who was assisting did tell me that she was really glad I was having my baby right now, because the date I was scheduled for (the 15th of June) she was going to be gone and wouldn't be able to see my awesome uterus split in half.  It was a nice bit of funny during a serious situation.  I was glad to have made her dreams come true.  I hope she wasn't disappointed.

When they push on your stomach to push the baby down and out it is terrible.  And you are so sore and bruised for days afterwards.  This time it was so high up on my ribs I couldn't hardly breathe.

Jaren was watching them pull her out and it was so fun to hear how excited he was.  He took lots of pictures with Lindsey's camera (I have yet to see any of them because Lindsey has her camera....).  When she came out he said, "Oh, she looks just like Naomi!  She's beautiful!"  And then I heard a shrill scream.  This wasn't a cry, it was a bloody murder scream and it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.  I can't explain the feeling of total relief that I felt as soon as she was out.  It was like a massive weight off of my body and mind.  I can't exactly pinpoint why.

Jaren asked me if it was okay if he went with her.  I don't even know why he asked!  I told him, "Shoo!"  and off he went.   So I laid there and told Dr. Watson to give me a bit of a tummy tuck (take the old scar off) and stitch up my abs and do a good job.  He did all three.  I was so anxious to hear how much she weighed and when they told me 4 lbs 11 oz I was relieved.  I thought it was going to be less.  So here I had a good sized baby for 34 weeks and a few hours and she could scream and breathe on her own.  I can't even remember what her APGAR was.  8 or 9 or 10.  Something good.  She was 17.5 inches long.  One inch less than Nae and over a pound less.

They found that my uterus is split basically exactly in half, right down the middle and only connected by about half an inch or so at the bottom.  So, no IUD (dangit) and no wandering baby parts going from one uter to the other during my pregnancy.  Which was something I was concerned about.

After they stitched me up and I went to recovery (Lindsey and Nate came in and Lindsey told me about her, because she was able to go see her)  I was dying to see the baby.  I had to wait until I could move my toes and legs.  I've never tried so hard to move my toes in my life.  It was so frustrating how long it took, but bless my nurses heart at the faintest sign of movement she had Jaren get me up and help me into a wheel chair so I could see my baby. 

It was while the neonatologist from Idaho Falls was there.  He comes once a week on every Wednesday, so it just happened to be on the day I had my baby.  I could only look at her because she had an oxygen thingy strapped to her face and up her nose.  She was tiny and beautiful and had a lot of dark hair and I couldn't get the blasted wheel chair close enough!  She was in an incubator and had tubes and an IV and all sorts of things attached to her.  I wanted to take them all off and hold her and take care of her and take her home.  It was the worst, most helpless feeling of not being able to do a single thing.  Nothing.  I couldn't even get close enough to reach my hand in and touch her.  We were told that it was probably going to take up to a week from her due date till we could take her home.  That was FIVE WEEKS AWAY.  So horrible.  I understand it all, and that they didn't know what she was capable of and had to be as vague as possible.  But, uhg.  I was exhausted and in shock and starting to feel the pain from the surgery and looking at my very tiny baby with a tube inside her and I couldn't touch her.

They took me back to my room and I ate breakfast.... or lunch.  I can't remember.  But I had to wait for help to get into the wheel chair before I could go to the NICU and see her.  So that day I went back and forth the few times the nurse was able to take me.  Jaren went home to get clothes for Naomi and take a shower himself.  I didn't sleep that day.  At around 5 p.m. Jaren came in to take me to the NICU and I was able to hold her for the first time.  The oxygen dealy was off.  She was so little.  And looked just like Naomi, but with a different nose and more hair.

I'll have to write about the rest of the hospital stay later.  And the NICU.  This is plenty long enough.  That night we named her.

Adalyn Mae
4 lbs 11 oz     17.5 inches long

After 17 Days in the NICU she came home at 5 lbs 3 oz. 


Scooby and Jon said...

Whit, I'm so sorry. I know how horrid it is to feel so helpless while you baby is in the NICU.
I'm so glad she's home and healthy now! I hope you're recovering well!

CaJoh said...

So glad that everything turned out all right in the end. Congratulations on your new arrival.

Jenny Robbins said...

You're so amazing! I'm so sorry that things were so scary for awhile, but so glad that everything worked out wonderfully. She's a beautiful little girl!

sarafina love said...

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sarafina love said...

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