Friday, December 3, 2010

So, We Were Still Snowed In

The next morning I went out and took some pictures of some drifts and the road.  I kept looking down the road thinking I was going to get ran over by some trucker going 70 mph.  Or at least a snow plow.  But none came.  Not until around 1:30 p.m. were we even kind of rescued. 

  Here is the road.  The only reason you can tell is the telephone polls and about 15 minutes before I came outside some nutso had his truck in 4 high and rammed his way through.  Lucky for him the snow had settled through out the night - if he had tried that the day before he would have been stuck.  

 Kind of like the guy that tried after him was stuck for over an hour until a neighbor came and helped him out.

Oh, thank you good Samaritan.   

I turned around and this is the road going the other direction.  Looks okay for a few 50 feet or so, yeah?  I had Jaren walk with me down to the drift you can see all the way at the top of the photo (little grey line).

Then I had him stand in front of it.  See?!  Touches his hiney!  Jaren is 6 feet tall.  So.. umm.. this one looks to be about... uh... half of that.  Maybe.

Then one of our neighbors rides up on a snowmobile.  Talking about the crazy guy who drove on through.  We were all shocked he made it.  And then...  I saw this little guy.

The poor soul has arthritis.  Not to mention the wobbly snow.  He lives in the house across the street from us.  Come on Buck!  I think that's his name....

King of the snow drift!

Few, good thing I had some momentum going from going down that giant snowdrift.

Oh, hey Whitney.  Just passin' through.  Would you mind gettin' out of my tire track?  I'm a little too tired to go off-roadin' today.

Then we went back to the house.  The most shallow parts were probably 3 inches (except the sidewalk) while the deepest was probably 4 - 5 feet?

Here we are.  During much happier and greener times.  When Jaren dug out half of the yard to level it out.  You're looking at the same front yard.

Then we had new grass.  New pretty green grass that Naomi was too afraid of.  She really didn't like touching the grass.  It was too pokey. 
See how there are railroad tie's behind her?  That made quite the nice drift spot.

Into the backyard/sideyard we go.  Where I dropped the exposure a little again so you could get some better dimension to this giant pile.

But then I would rather have Jaren stand by the post so you could see just how tall it was.  Even though he was 5-6 feet in front of it so the scaling was a little off.

So in I come.  All ready for a winter's walk.  Like I can do any better.

But wait!  I'll walk into it!  I got as far as my boots being completely covered before I decided that was as far as I go.  It was probably 4 feet deep? I didn't have a measuring stick!

Yes, yes, I know.  She's the cutest lady bug you've EVER seen!  Me, too.  But the point of this photo (besides to show off how adorable she is(right before that leaf went into her mouth and I dropped the camera) is the fence she is 13 feet in front of is the same fence in the pictures above. 

And here it is from the road.  So, from behind.  There is maybe 3 feet of the fence showing, but it's at least 5 1/2ish feet tall.  

Keep in mind this is all from just 2 days of snow.  And a whole lot of wind!  I really didn't expect Thanksgiving to look like Christmas.

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