Friday, March 20, 2009

The Nightmare

Last night I had the strangest nightmare.

See, yesterday was a crazy day. I almost forgot about my visiting teaching appointments and remembered (I had remembered all day, but spaced it while VTing) at 6:30 it was my dad's birthday. I never call my parents late! I did call my mom late on her last birthday, school really is so controlling. So, yesterday was crazy frantic and just weird.

I think that's why I dreamt what I dreamt.

First my schedule on Thursdays goes like this: Class from 8-9:30, then lab from 12:45-2:45.

In my dream: It's Thursday and I'm on my way to my lab when all of the sudden I remember - "Oh my gosh! I forgot about my English class!!" The panic that went through me was immense. Because not only had I forgotten about it that day, I had forgotten about it for an entire month. I remembered that it was scheduled at 9:45 - 12:30. It was a three credit class one day a week, which was why it was so long. I panicked, went to my lab panicked the whole time, then went to the third floor of the English building to get it worked out - I was going to graduate!!!! First of all, the third floor I went to was definitely NOT a BYU-Idaho building. It was totally funky. Neon lights, cafe's, all of the English offices were in the center of the floor with no walls. Tons of people were there, music was playing.. it was really weird considering the horror I was feeling. I went to the English secretary and explained to her that we had two weeks off because the teacher had to go somewhere and during that time I had completely forgot about the class. She was surprised to hear that the teach took 2 weeks off and by her reaction I thought that maybe there was someway I could get around this. I told her I was graduating and I did NOT want to come back for ONE class once a week. I told her I'd make up all my work in the next 3 weeks (all that's really left of the semester).

I remember thinking through my dream wonering if there really was an English class that I had forgotten about. I tried to remember to the beginning of the semester if Thursdays were spent going to an English class. And I could remember the class but all of the people in it were people from my high school.

I woke up at this point, sweating and racking my brain for that English class. But, luckily I finished all of my English classes my first semester married - summer semester of 2007.

I'm still graduating on time :) I picked up my cap and gown yesterday and got a free water bottle and chocolate bar! I thought... wow, this is the most expensive Crunch bar I've ever bought, the price of a brand new car. Oh, and I had to pay 5 bucks for the "Class of 2009" shirts. But I liked the shirt, so I did it.

I'm almost finished! It's getting a little overwhelming because there is SO MUCH to do, but it will be over so fast. And then I can plant my veggi garden and some flowers. And hopefully get started on growing that baby I've been rather ready for.

I hope I don't have anymore Nightmares with this theme.


Kristina P. said...

I had dreams like that for a year after I graduated. It's traumatizing.

This is an exciting time!

Kayleigh said...

Yay!! So close, Whitney, so close! I hate dreams like that. My first finals week (a.k.a. back in December) I had nightmares that I forgot my physics final. It was awful.


I hate dreams like that!
You are definately busy, I am crazy busy...let's get together once you have that cap and gown used and in the closet!
Here's my number: 208.948.0683
Good luck! In so many ways, I am so very jealous of you, but you deserve it for sure! loveya! Kirsten

Kristen said...

Good thing it was just a dream but let me warn you, when you get pregnant it seems that your dreams just get really strange as well so just be prepared when you start growing that baby :)

Sara Ann said...

I have had dreams like that, horrible! But just wait until you get pregnant, I have weird nightmares like that every single night! Not fun. Good job on graduating! What an accomplishment!

Abra said...

I got home from work the other day and had dreams that I was cooking steak all night... I woke up actually thinking that I was supposed to be cooking... those dreams suck!
Good luck to you :)

Jo said...

Anxiety dreams are strange. I am glad it was just a dream.

Shauna said...

Yuck! I don't like dreams like that! I miss you! ♥ Hugs :)

Wendyburd1 said...

Ooh bad nightmare! I have ones like that, not in such detail that I can remember, still even about high school! And I can't remember what my schedule is, when I have each class, and where the class is...I have that one a LOT...I am a little old for high school, but I guess when we get anxious or whatever, our brain connects to past worries, etc.

I am so happy for you, you are so almost at the finish line!! I hope you have your garden, your baby and your blog very soon!! We miss you!!

ramsam said...

UGH! I hate real life stress dreams! I always dream I am unprepared for Primary or late to the dentist, just random stupid things, but I wake up so stressed out! I hope you get some good nights sleep soon!