Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Alive!

I promise, I haven't really dropped off the face of the blogosphere. I still look at blogs I just don't have time to comment and read every post that I've missed so I'm skimming when I have time. It's been a while since I've gone this long without posting.

School is getting more and more busy. I have 5 weeks left and, honestly, it could NOT go any slower..... I'm so ready to be finished. I'm trying to do the math to see if I could still pass my classes if I just stop going. Chances aren't high. So I'm just running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to stay caught up and turn things in on time. I'll try and update a little more often...

News: My brother's have had their babies. Well, the wives did all the work. Kevin and Lena were waiting to find out what they were having and we were all pleasantly surprised to find out the "him" was actually a she :) Her name is Lucy and she is beautiful. I have yet to meet her in person since they are in Boise, but they will be coming here at the end of the month for a combined baby blessing day with Nathan. Nathan and Steph(the one I threw the shower for) had their little boy just under a week and a half after Kevin and Lena had theirs. Conner stopped breathing and had to be taken to NICU right after he was born. He's almost 2 weeks old now and is healthy and so stinkin cute. I go over there every day to hold him and just stare... He makes the cutest facial expressions and I just smile. Can't wait till I get my own someday. Then I can stare all I want :)
My mom is up right now visiting and helping with Conner and it's been so nice getting to see her every day as well. It's been hard getting over there when I have so much to do and not a lot of time to fit it all in. But I just stop by for half an hour to an hour and that keeps me pretty well satisfied.

Well, I've got quite the next few weeks ahead of me. I'll try to update more. I've missed you all!

Here are a few pictures

Here is Conner only a few hours old in the NICU. In a few weeks I'll have some pictures of my own of Lucy to show.
I had dinner with these beautiful girls.
We went to a Jazz game. It was the game after Larry died and so we saw the (3 minute) memorial they did for him. I thought it could have been a little longer..... They won, though!
At the Jazz game :)


Anonymous said...

so many fun!! i am happy to hear that connor is doing well.

it was so fun to see you while you were in town. i love all of you girls!! and i hope you are enjoying all of your new clothes!

good luck with school. you are almost there!

Life as Ashley said...

Who's the dork wearing a napkin for a skirt? Girlfriend should have been put in the back row. Not front and center! :)

Had so much fun with you girlies at dinner. It's a MUST DO anytime you are in town. Seriously, the invitation is open for you [and Jaren] to stay at our house anytime you want to come down. ;)

Hang in there! 5 weeks might seem forever to you, but it's really not that long. Just a little longer than a menstrual cycle. Did I just say that? Yes I did. Love you!

Wendyburd1 said...

HEY you got Jaren to smile for the camera!! Yay for you!

Man Whit, I miss your posts and comments! I can't wait for school to be over for you. You will be happy and we will get more potatohead news!! I don't even know if it is planting or picking season and I liked knowing what Jaren had to do!! I hope you are enjoying the last of school though too, you get so used to having classes and when it is done, it is a little odd. NICE, but odd!lol

CaJoh said...

Isn't that funny how when you see the end in sight that things seem to slow to a crawl.

Good luck in your final push. Can't wait to see those graduation photos.

Sara Ann said...

Hey! I have missed your cute blogs:) Good luck with school, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey i am right there with you. It's been a while since i have been in the blogging loop. I sure miss you guys. Congrats to your family on the adorable new additions. Hope is well and good luck with school. Hang in there!☺

That Girl in Brazil said...

I'm so glad he turned out okay. My heart just stopped when I first saw the incubator pic - my baby was in the NICU for eight days and it was HELL.

I was thinking about you the other day - glad you're back!

Kayleigh said...

WHITNEY! I've missed you. As I was coming over to your blog, I thought, "Wow, I miss Whitney's blog!" So glad you posted.

Only 5 weeks left! You can do it!!!

Abra said...

Oh babies :) Your nephew is stinkin' cute!

ramsam said...

Dang. You are still so photogenic and adorable. I am still jealous of your cuteness.

Can't wait to reconnect!

Nathan Stephanie Gilbert Family said...

Just a clarification from Conners dad. He never stoped breathing his lungs were just not absorbing enough oxygen for a couple of days so he did turn purple once and that is when they put him in the NICU.He is doing great and is a awesome baby.

Jo said...

Congrats on the newest little tater tots in your family.

Em said...

so I know its not my business but I was wondering when you were going to have a little one of your own.